Preserve Precious Memories with Cameras

Take great photos with cameras from Walmart Canada. Whether you want a camcorder option that lets you shoot video of your child's graduation, a digital camera to record the wildlife you spot while hiking or instant film cameras for guests to use at special events, this selection has easy-to-use products that fulfill your requirements. Choose decked-out options with multiple lenses and settings for staged professional shots, or select simple point-and-shoot cameras without all the bells and whistles for fuss-free use on the go.

Digital Cameras

Shoot amazing photos and videos with DSLR cameras from Walmart Canada. Discover options from high-quality brands like Canon, Nikon and Olympus, and find cameras that come with a vast array of accessories like tripods, filters and lenses for a hassle-free way to complete your photography tools collection. Zoom in on your child's soccer game in an up close and personal way by choosing options with digital camera lenses, and put HD-ready mirrorless camera models to work when you want to shoot photos or videos with exceptional clarity. Some cameras even have WiFi connectivity that lets you upload the footage you shoot straight to social media sites like Facebook and Instagram, and others include handy software that lets you easily edit both still photos and video clips, ensuring you get just the look you desire. Most of these digital cameras charge and connect to computers and smartphones via USB cables, making them simple to prep before trips and unload when you get home from your photographic adventures.

Instant Film Cameras

Capture fun moments in a flash with instant film cameras from Walmart Canada. These modern updates to classic instant cameras boast numerous features their ancestors didn't, including built-in selfie mirrors, brightness adjustments and multiple photo settings, and most have wrist straps that make them simple to carry around at parties, wedding receptions and school events like football games and dances. These cameras typically use special film that develops quickly, and some film options even boast built-in frames, making them a great choice for scrapbooking enthusiasts. Trusted brands like FUJIFILM, Polaroid and Kodak ensure high-clarity shots, and packs that include point-and-shoot cameras alongside instant film, scissors that make patterned cuts and hanging frames make great gifts for budding photography hobbyists.

360 Cameras

Take excellent action shots with 360 cameras from Walmart Canada. These compact digital cameras capture omnidirectional views, making it easy to shoot panoramic shots, and they typically shoot both still photos and video for extra versatility. No matter if you want to capture the things you see along the way on road trips, snap beautiful photos of the pristine beach outside your vacation hotel room or shoot action-packed video during mountain bike expeditions, the 360 cameras in this selection provide options that suit your purpose and provide high-quality memories to share with friends and family.

Waterproof Cameras

Extend your memory-making capabilities even further with waterproof digital cameras. Packed with all the cool features of most regular DSLR digital cameras, these options allow underwater use, and some even include special filters to make the photos you take while snorkeling, swimming or scuba diving extra fun to share. also carries hardshell cases that cover your existing digital camera completely, transforming it into a waterproof option to save you time and money. Most of these waterproof options use memory cards to hold numerous photos or video clips, giving you more space to shoot the things you want to remember.




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