Point & Shoot Cameras


Capture Memories with a Point and Shoot Camera

When you’re making memories, you need to know that you can capture the moment easily. A point and shoot camera gives you grab-and-go options to capture those memories before they pass. From underwater cameras that let you take the fun into the pool to a compact camera you can toss in a bag as you head out the door, and even larger more sophisticated models with interchangeable lenses, you will find exactly what you need with Walmart Canada. Choose a camera that fits your lifestyle, and be ready for the next event that comes your way.

Choose a Compact Camera With the Right Features

Just because a camera is small doesn't mean it lacks features. You can find cameras at Walmart Canada that fit just about any need, whether you're just looking to capture family memories in a little more detail than your smartphone offers or are trying your hand at amateur photography. With cameras designed to capture macro shots to those with a large maximum aperture to capture the landscapes you’re photographing, this extensive selection ensures you can have the power you need in the palm of your hand. New technology allows cameras to be high resolution, fast and effective without unnecessary bulk. They also have easy-to-use buttons and navigation tools, so you can simply spin a wheel to select a setting, and then point and shoot to capture those fleeting memories.

Point and Shoot Camera Options From Names You Trust

Many of the big names in cameras are now making high-quality point and shoot camera options. At Walmart Canada, you can enjoy cameras from trustworthy names like Canon and Panasonic, with several makes and models to choose from. These cameras have excellent glass and focus mechanisms, letting you capture bright, bold photos in a compact design. You can find features like LCD screens for clear viewing, cameras with traditional viewfinders for your comfort, hybrid viewfinders that show you exactly what the camera sees, Wi-Fi-enabled cameras and cameras that let you capture full HD video.

Take the Action Underwater

The summer months mean plenty of time in and around the water. An underwater camera gives you the power to take your camera with you in the pool, to the beach and on the boat. Walmart Canada has several cameras that have waterproof features to make them water-resistant, letting you continue capturing memories no matter where they're taking place. These cameras have exterior casings that limit water damage, so you can confidently take them swimming — even several feet under — to capture your fun. They're perfect for snorkeling adventures or getting some great underwater-effect shots.

Point and Shoot Cameras Are Perfect for Kids

If you are looking for a first camera for your child, a point and shoot camera is a great choice. They're affordable, durable and appropriate for small hands. This means you can give your child a camera to use to capture life from their perspective, and you won’t have to spend too much on it or worry about potential damage. While you're getting your child’s camera ready, be sure to grab the batteries and memory cards they need to fully enjoy it, so you can give a gift that is ready to use straight out of the box.




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