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Stay Connected with the Right Mobile Device

Imagining life without cell phones is difficult. The convenience of a mobile phone in your pocket or purse, keeping you connected with your family and friends at a moment’s notice and providing emergency assistance with just a few buttons pushes, is hard to replicate. When your phone is no longer working, you can feel as though you’ve lost that connection. Whether for work or personal use, you need to have a reliable phone available, and Walmart Canada offers a mobile shop with a large number of options. Find the phone and service plan that fit your needs so you can stay connected.

Carrier Phones from Trusted Names

Carrier phones are connected to reliable networks, so you can be confident that service is there when you need it. With features like high-resolution cameras, internet connectivity and sleek, slim designs, carrier phones give you the power you need and want at your fingertips. Walmart Canada offers affordable pricing on carrier phones, including several popular iPhone models. All these phones need is a contract and wireless service from your chosen cell phone service carrier, and you are ready to go.

Contract-Free, Prepaid Mobile Phones Give You Control

With most cell phone contracts, you pay for a set amount of service and data access, whether you use it or not. But life changes, and cell phone plans that require a long-term contract may not be the right fit. Perhaps you're shopping for a mobile phone for your child and want more control over how much data they have access to, or maybe you just want to limit the amount you spend from month to month for your own cell phone plan. When you need more flexibility, a prepaid cell phone comes with its own phone number and SIM card, and you choose the amount of service you want to buy each month. To add service, data or more time, simply purchase a top-up card. These phones require no contracts or credit checks and provide the same connectivity as carrier-based phones but with more control over your usage and no surprises on your bill.

Accessories to Dress Up and Protect Your Phone

A mobile phone is a sizable investment, and it needs the proper protection. Protect your phone properly and add some personalization with a case and screen protector. Walmart Canada has durable options, like the popular OtterBox brand, that work great for business phones or phones exposed to rugged environments. For a personalized look, choose an attractive pattern or colour that lets your personality shine.

Stay Powered Up with Chargers and Cables

The more you use your cell phone, the faster the power drains. One of the most important accessories you can add to your collection is the right charger and charging cable. Chargers seem to have a life of their own constantly disappearing from your home, so an extra set ensures you can keep your phone charged. Consider USB charging cables that plug into any USB port or a charger that can plug into the wall. Don’t forget about the car, either. Pick up USB charging ports that plug in to the power outlet in your car, so you can keep your phone charged even on the go. With Walmart Canada, having the right accessories on hand for your mobile phone is easy.





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