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Do More With a Range of Cell Phone Accessories

Smartphones keep us connected to the world around us in ways that previous generations could never have dreamed of, but the innovations didn't stop there. Cell phone accessories add increased functionality to mobile phones and keep your devices charged so you can stay connected no matter where life takes you. Whether you're transforming your phone into a high-tech entertainment center or simply keeping it powered up while exploring the world, Walmart Canada has mobile phone accessories to help you meet your goals.

Cell Phone Accessories for a Busy Lifestyle

Modern life can be hectic, but the right mobile phone accessories can help minimize distractions and simplify your day. Hands-free car mounts let you drive more safely even when using navigation tools or using your phone to play music and media. If you're on foot, look for Bluetooth headsets to help you keep your conversation private. Combination headsets and earbuds let you seamlessly transition between taking calls and enjoying your favourite music and podcasts for added efficiency. Arm bands let you use your phone as a workout tracker without having to worry about finding a pocket for it.

Powering Up

Cell phones have become so essential to modern life that running out of battery life can be a major hassle. Keep your phone charged on the go with an external battery or power bank. These portable cell phone accessories carry extra juice for those times when you need some backup power. Some even come with other useful tools, such as built-in LED flashlights, hand-warmers and emergency strobes. Store one in your car for emergencies or just keep one in your purse or backpack for long days.

Back home or at the office, streamline your charging with a high-tech charging pad. These innovative cell phone accessories use wireless charging to refresh your phone's battery life, so you never have to worry about losing your cell phone charger cable again. If you prefer a more traditional route, pick up a couple of extra USB C cables to keep around your home, work and car. These offer a fast charge, and most let you connect your phone to computers and other devices for easy data syncing. Extra-long cables let you enjoy a movie or phone call without having to be right next to an outlet, and retractable designs give you room to roam while preventing tangles and snares.

Protecting Your Investment

As a digital assistant, storage bank, media player and camera, your smartphone serves many important functions. Keep it safe with a high-quality case and other protective cell phone accessories. Simple wallet cases let you keep your pockets free of clutter and ensure you always know where your ID, credit cards and other essentials are, and heavy-duty protective cases help protect your phone from drops, dings and even water damage. Look for tempered glass screens for a sleek, smooth feel. For more minimalist coverage, peel-and-stick screen protectors install in minutes and can help resist scratches and other minor damage. If you want to change phones or get a new case, they simply peel back off without leaving residue.

Maximizing Your Mobile Phone

The right cell phone accessories can help you get the most out of your phone's functions. Bluetooth speakers and other audio enhancers make it easy to stream music, podcasts and audiobooks with high-quality sound that even the most discerning connoisseurs can appreciate. If you watch a lot of videos, choose a case with a built-in stand or look for a separate stand you can mount on your desk or wall to give you a good view. Magnetic stands let you quickly mount and remove your phone so you don't have to fiddle with screws or elastic edges, and clip-in mounts provide added security to help your phone stay locked into place.

If you find yourself storing a lot of photographs and media, consider bulking up your phone's storage space with an easy-to-install memory card. Many phones let you simply snap these cell phone accessories into place to instantly increase your storage, so you don't have to worry about constantly deleting old items. While you're at it, consider picking up a selfie stick to help you get just the right angle for your social media posts.

Whether you're looking to fully outfit the latest phone or just give your old device a makeover, Walmart Canada has the cell phone accessories you need.




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