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Protect Your iPhone

The iPhone just keeps getting better, making your life easier, more productive and more entertaining, and helping you look stylish in the process. But as awesome as your device may be, the fact is that your smartphone is still quite fragile. The beautiful finish can be scratched easily, smeared with fingerprints and cracked. A short drop to a hard surface is enough to crack the screen, backing and more. Your wonderful phone needs protecting, and our iPhone cases are made for the job.

At Walmart Canada, we are your go-to choice for phone accessories, including cases, cords and more!

Affordable and Stylish iPhone Cases

A case does not have to be expensive to offer solid protection and an attractive design. At Walmart Canada, you will discover numerous affordable covers for your device. You can choose from the simplest of designs--a clear case--or go with something with a little more zing. Zebra stripes, roses, animated characters, camouflage--there are plenty to choose from, and they are priced so that you can have multiple cases for your phone. Maybe you feel like rose gold today. Tomorrow you might want to show off the full beauty of your phone with a clear case. Whatever your style, you can find something that is totally you here at Walmart Canada.

Serious Protection

Your phone is an investment, so it is perfectly reasonable to want to the strongest protective case you can find. We are proud to carry some of the toughest cases available, including Otterbox iPhone 7 cases. They deliver some of the best protection available for your device. The strongest cases are certified with drop protection, which demonstrates that the cases can stand up to significant abuse without the phone inside being harmed. And you don't have to sacrifice style for protection, either. Our strong cases come in a wide variety of designs, from detailed camo to pastels and shimmery metallic.

These cases can be particularly useful in demanding situations where you need your phone to get the job done. The military grade protection they offer keeps the elements out and guards against breakage even when serious force is applied. If you are working in a tough environment and you need your phone, these cases are ideal.

Closed Cases and Open Faced Cases

Many people have a preference for what type of case they like, whether it is a fully enclosed design or an open-faced design. Walmart Canada carries both types, and also offers the high-quality screen protectors you want and need when going with an open-faced case. The latest technology uses this, durable glass to protect your phone screen from scratches and impacts. If something does impact the screen, the screen protector will take some of the force and spread it out through the protector instead of your actual phone screen.

Your iPhone deserves a great case. Please check out our different cell phone cases, as well as other phone accessories like screen protectors, batteries and chargers. Let us help you take great care of your amazing phone!




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