Prepaid Cell Phones


Control Your Plan with a Prepaid Cellphone

Enjoy the convenience of a cellphone without the commitments by choosing a prepaid cellphone instead. Available from multiple carriers, prepaid cellphones offer a multitude of benefits without the contracts, giving you a no-surprise way to handle your text, calling and data usage. These options come with SIM cards, and many let you change out these included SIM cards with your own if you want to switch up to another prepaid or cellular plan for added convenience.

Benefits of Prepaid Cellphone Plans

Control your usage with prepaid cellphone plans that help you stick to your budget. These plans let you refill them easily at most Walmart Canada locations, and some offer online refills for added convenience. Bring your own device to these carriers by simply adding a SIM card for the service, and switch out as needed with ease thanks to plans that require no contracts. Unlocked cellphones often make a great choice for these providers as they typically work with several services. Additionally, many carriers offer extra benefits, like international messaging, to prepaid customers when you sign up for pre-authorized payments, and many also provide alerts when you near the end of your purchased time for hassle-free refills.

Great Smartphone Selection

Get top-of-the-line smartphones for use with prepaid cellphone plans. Choose from a basic selection of carrier-branded options by TELUS Mobility and Koodo, or select carrier phones that work with the specific prepaid network you choose. This versatility lets you enjoy the latest offerings from Apple and Samsung, among others, or you can opt for bare-bones models that get the job done without breaking your budget.

TELUS Mobility

Choose 30-day prepaid cellphone plans from award-winning TELUS that include Canadian and international messaging. All plans with this carrier provide voicemail, call display, call waiting and conference calling for no extra charge, and it provides 4G network service that covers 99% of Canadians with fast download speeds. Select stand-alone plans for yourself or use TELUS Family Advantage plans to outfit your whole family. This provider features top-notch phones from brands like Apple and Samsung so you always have the latest equipment.

Koodo Mobile

Use Koodo Mobile for a flexible prepaid cellphone plan that suits your needs. Koodo Tab lets you combine monthly usage with phone payments for a no fixed-term contract experience, and its Canada-wide plans don't incur long-distance or roaming charges. This carrier's shock-free data plan alerts you when you near your limit to ensure no surprises, and its affordable prepaid plans include unlimited international messaging as long as they're sent and received within Canada plus voice mail and call display. This 4G network boasts LG, Apple and Samsung phones for added flexibility.

Chatr Mobile

Count on Chatr Mobile for prepaid cellphone plans with no term contracts and no credit checks. Phone options from Motorola, LG and ZTE ensure a high-quality smartphone experience, and the carrier delivers coast-to-coast coverage for hassle-free calling and texting in any province. Flat-fee plans let you choose the level of calling, texting and data services you need, and reloading your plan is simple as this carrier sells prepaid cards and most Walmart Canada locations. If you already have a phone, simply add a Chatr Mobile SIM card to it for easy use, and select auto-pay if you want to ensure you always have time to talk. Affordable international plans from this provider work great for those with friends and family in other countries.




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