Unlocked Phones & Cellphones


Use Unlocked Cell Phones for Basic Calls and Texting

Use whatever carrier you prefer with Walmart Canada's selection of unlocked cell phones. These cheap cell phones require no contract for activation, letting you add your own existing SIM card to the phone you purchase or making it easy to buy another from Walmart Wireless. This keeps you free of commitments, even when you use these phones with traditional carrier plans, and most also work with prepaid cell phone plans for extra versatility. 

Freedom of Choice

Add the unlocked cell phones Walmart Canada offers to your existing plan, or use them with prepaid phone plans to setup secondary accounts for work. Because they require no contracts or commitments, these cheap cell phones boost your freedom of choice. This makes it simple to tailor your phone plan to your monthly budget, even if it changes often due to seasonal or contract work. Also, because you own your phone outright, you don't have to pay monthly payments for purchase instalments or keep up an expensive carrier cell phone plan.

Exceptional Functionality

Enjoy exceptional functionality with cheap cell phones unlocked for use with your own plan. Options with both front- and rear-facing digital cameras let you snap selfies with friends while hiking, take gorgeous photos of the scenery and shoot HD video of your trek through nature without missing a beat. Smartphones with super-fast processors and high amounts of RAM work great with resource-intensive apps for photo and video editing when you want to add something extra to the memories you capture, and some even let you add your own digital memory cards to expand storage space. Most models boast Bluetooth connectivity, making it quick and easy to connect a headset for making or taking calls and blast your favourite playlist to wireless speakers.

Variety of Brands

Choose from a variety of top-notch brands when purchasing cheap cell phones from Walmart Canada. Discover entry-level Apple iPhones for teens getting their first smartphone, and find the latest Samsung models with all the bells and whistles. Options from Blackberry provide all the functionality of a smartphone while helping you stay organized like stand-alone Palm Pilot devices, while basic designs from Nokia and Motorola work great for those who just want a simple device that makes calls and receives texts.

Versatility in Use

Get just what you need from this selection of cheap cell phones. Android tablets ready to connect to your choice of wireless carriers let you work on the go, do class work on bus or train commutes or catch up on email while waiting on appointments. Smartphone options from trusted brands like Huawei and Blu let you perform a variety of tasks as well, including sending quick text, taking high-quality photos and staying in touch with your office while out in the field. No matter your personal or professional needs, these unlocked cell phones have you covered.

Customizable Designs

Customize the look of these cheap cell phones with ease. Because the only difference between them and phones you get from your carrier is that they're unlocked and capable of working on a variety of networks, these smartphones, tablets and cell phones fit seamlessly in both universal phone cases and those designed to fit their carrier-sold counterparts. This lets you add colourful skins that match your personality, encase them in hard shells to reduce damage and add screen protectors that prevent scratches on your display. Some even have kickstands for easy media viewing, and others boast spaces for ID and credit cards, making them ideal for carry in place of a wallet.




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