Drones & Mini Drones

Drones Let You Leave Land Behind

Drones are becoming popular with hobbyists. The cost is continuing to go down, allowing more people to experience the joy of racing around at great heights or even taking amazing aerial photos. Also known as Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, or UAVs, drones are used for business and pleasure by people from many walks of life. With models available for a wide range of purposes, it's easy to find something that lets you explore the sky.

Things to Consider When Buying a Drone

The first step is to decide what you’ll be using your drone for. Some people are keen to use drones for photography; others are interested in racing. Drones can also just be a great hobby to get into for people who want to fly without leaving the ground. If you know what you’ll be doing with your drone, you can find one that’s best suited for your purpose.
Beginners need to understand that they’ll crash when learning to fly a drone. It’s an inevitable learning curve that every drone owner has experienced. You may want to look at features that make flying easier or buy a less expensive model to learn on. Beginners may also benefit from buying a more popular model as any questions you have will be easily answered by a large community of users online.
Also consider relevant regulations before you purchase. There are laws that apply to recreational drone use, including where and when you’re allowed to fly. If you’re using your drone for business or if it’s particularly heavy, you’ll also need a Special Flight Operations Certificate from Transport Canada.

Features to Look For

The features you'll want to look for depend on what you're using your drone for, but there are some that are always handy. GPS, for example, allows you to track your drone. Key return is another incredibly useful feature that brings your drone back to you at the take-off position with the click of a button.
Most beginners find ready-to-fly (RTF) drones the easiest way to get into the hobby as the models are ready to go out of the box. Bind-and-fly (BNF) models are ready to go but don’t come with a controller. This means you can use one you already own, saving you money.
Battery life is an important consideration because it determines how long the drone can stay in the air. Small toy models may have 7-10 minutes of flight time, but larger racing or photography models may be able to stay in the air for 30 minutes or more. Lastly look for options like headless mode and altitude hold which can make flying easier.

Capture the Perfect Picture

Drones are an increasingly popular way to capture both video and still photos. Camera drones come in a large range of prices to suit every budget, whether you want pictures of yourself as you travel the world or are starting a drone photography business.
Selfie drones are a good place to start. These mini drones are compact so they can easily fit in your bag. They’re often controlled via your smartphone and allow you to take great shots of yourself from interesting angles.
People looking for more robust video or photo options can find models with high-end cameras, gimbals to stabilize shots and lens filters. You should consider the image resolution you need, whether that’s 4K video or a lower megapixel camera. The format is also important, and professionals may want a model that offers RAW image format to provide more editing options.
As far as flying is concerned, camera drone buyers should look for models with a stable hover so they can capture clear images. Many drones, such as the DJI Mavic Pro , can also follow you automatically, letting you capture amazing action shots as you fly down a slope or bike down a mountain.

Grab Some Accessories

Walmart Canada has a wide range of accessories for your drone. You can find spare parts, including spare batteries for longer flying time. Propeller guards can help protect your drone from bumps, and spare propellers allow you to easily make any needed repairs.
Transporting your drone is made easy with specially designed bags and backpacks that store everything you need safely. People planning to race their drones can find racing goggles that give you a first-person view to more easily take first place.




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