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Prepare for Take Off With Quality Drone Accessories

From extra batteries to new propellers, drone accessories let you fly high and make necessary repairs in the field. Drones make a fun hobby the entire family can enjoy, and drones with cameras let you explore videography and photography skills. Whether you want to race through the skies, perfect aerial stunts to impress your friends or snap the perfect group photo without leaving anyone out, drones are an ideal tool. Support your hobby with the right drone parts and other accessories from Walmart Canada.

Extra Drone Parts for Field Repairs

Keeping extra drone parts in your carrying case lets you perform maintenance and repairs right away so you can relaunch your DJI Mavic or other drone immediately. Landing gear, propellers and propeller guards are all common drone accessories to have on hand, as these parts are typically more susceptible to damage when your drone collides with barriers or other craft in the air. Depending on the type of drone you have, you may also be able to invest in drone parts to upgrade your aircraft over time, adding new functionality such as a camera or enhancing drone speed or control. You may also be able to upgrade the remote control to one that provides advanced control or flight feedback.

Drone Accessories for Capturing Images

Drone photography is popular for both professionals and hobbyists. An extra SD card or memory card lets you swap out full cards so you can continue capturing images on each adventure. Micro SD cards fit into built-in slots on your drone or drone camera, so make sure you understand your model and the accessory requirements before you invest in these accessories.

You may be able to add a digital camera or upgrade the camera on  your drone. Some drones include gimbles that support a wide range of cameras while others require specific types of cameras or have built in technology for image capture.

Keeping Your Drone in the Air Longer 

Power is critical to fun and success as a drone operator. Keep extra batteries on hand so you can quickly change power sources during exploration. If you plan to fly for longer periods of time (more than five minutes in the air per flight or for several kilometers), consider choosing a drone that pairs with a mobile device. You can usually use an app to monitor battery life, letting you recall the drone to home base so you can charge your batteries before an in-flight power outage occurs. Some flight controller tools, such as advanced remote controls, also offer this functionality. 

Carrying Cases

Wrap up your drone accessories shopping with a carrying case that stores and protects your equipment. Look for options that hold the drone itself as well as propellers, remote controls and extra power sources. Having everything in the same place in the field cuts down on frustration and lets you equip and fly your drone easily.

Whether you're looking for RC drones or quadcopters, Walmart Canada has everything you need to ensure blue skies on your new hobby.




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