Drone Cameras & Video Drones

Enjoy a View from Above with Drone Cameras

Get a panoramic perspective from the air using drone cameras that take still shots and videos. Onboard memory keeps your shots safe during flight, and you can transfer the pictures and movies to your mobile device or desktop computer after you land. Whether you're a first-time video drone pilot or a skilled flyer, Walmart Canada has a wide selection of drones designed to take your photography to a higher level.

Impressive Aerial Photography

Soar above your local park or observe a sporting event from the air with a camera-equipped drone. These quadcopters are easy to fly using a remote control or your synced cell phone, and peak heights of 100 feet or more give you a unique perspective unavailable at ground level. Seek out a model with a high-definition camera to get detailed photos and videos you can edit into a short film or post online to share with friends. Stabilized cameras keep the images smooth and steady throughout your flight. Programmable drones let you draw a flight path in an app before takeoff so you don't have to focus attention on the mechanics of flying and can enjoy watching your drone. Look for a model with an auto-return function to ensure a safe landing after you've got your shots without having to control the return flight.

Live Streaming

Watch where your drone flies in real time with live streamed footage sent directly to your cell phone or tablet. Because you can see exactly what your drone is capturing at any given moment, it's simple to make adjustments to the composition of an aerial shot. Flying time for drones tends to be short, often under 10 minutes per battery charge, but a live streaming drone can alert you when it needs to return and let you guide it safely home.

Mini Video Drones

Mini drones deliver all the breathtaking views and fun of flying in a compact, affordable package. Because they're smaller than a full-size drone, mini drones are less obtrusive and less likely to disturb people or animals nearby. Plus, they're easy to transport. Pack one in your travel backpack or daypack when you head out on a hike to capture stunning video of the wild landscape, or bring one along in your suitcase during weekend vacations.

Stunts and Tricks

Some camera drones can handle mid-air tricks. Flips, rolls and turns make an impressive performance from the ground as well as producing thrilling footage for you to relive the excitement later. Try a low-altitude orbit around a building or natural feature to get a dramatic circling effect with your footage, or bring the drone up high before dropping steeply to get the perspective of an eagle diving for prey.

Drone Camera Bundles

When you're new to aerial photography using a quadcopter, a drone camera bundle can help you get started. Complete bundles include everything you need to get into the air, including chargers, spare batteries and adapters that keep your drone running. Some drone kits also come with a carrying case for your drone to protect it between flights. Remember to keep spare batteries along with extra propellers and other drone accessories and parts to make quick repairs in the field.




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