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Listen to Your Life's Soundtrack Through a New Pair of Earphones

Few solo situations aren't made more enjoyable with the addition of earphones. With such a wide variety of media options available to us, we're using them at every opportunity. They help keep us focused in between meetings and give us a beat to tap our feet to on public transport. Listening to them can also motivate us during exercise and even stop us from waking up our significant other while resting. 

Whether you're a music fan, learning a new language or want to listen to your favourite author's audiobooks, Walmart Canada has a pair of earphones for you and your busy lifestyle.

A Pair for Every Occasion 

Choosing the right pair of earphones can be tricky with so many options available. Often, making the correct selection depends on how you're going to use them. Some brands have designed models for a specific purpose, such as running. These types of earphones are resistant to sweat and are typically wireless, so you don't have to worry about knocking them out with your arms and can focus on pushing for the burn. 

If you love listening to an audiobook while you're nodding off to sleep, but your partner doesn't, wireless earbuds could be the right choice for you. For people who are looking for a simple pair of earphones at a reasonable price, Walmart Canada has plenty of options, such as those from Anself.

Kids Earphones

Technology is advancing so quickly, and new headphones incorporate incredible clarity of sound as well as extra safety features. There are even some options for kids, such as those from ONANOFF, that include volume limiting to help keep little ears safe. Whether they love listening to music and podcasts or watching an iPad, make sure they're getting used to quality sound with the right pair of kids earphones.

Can Earbuds Be Your Personal Assistant? 

Some options are now so advanced that you can use them as your personal assistant. With oodles of internal memory and boasting impressive processors, premium brands such as Bragi are more microcomputer than listening-device. You can accept and make calls by using a gesture of the hand, track your fitness and personalize the sound you hear to your hearing.  

In or Over?

For people who prefer over-the-ear headphones, Walmart Canada has some state-of-the-art options available from brands such as Sennheiser. If you're into music production or creating music, this style probably has all the features you're looking for. Wireless options are available, with some even offering an uncompressed digital sound that doesn't compromise on quality. 

In some cases, you're looking for the pair of earphones that pair best with your outfit or personality. Brands like Urbanista offer models in a range of shapes, colours and styles to suit your unique preferences.

Some Additional Features of Wireless Earphones 

The majority of new earphones have some additional features to enhance your audio delectation. Wireless buds usually have settings that allow you to adjust the sound according to whether you're listening to one or both.

Lots of manufacturers, including Xiaomi, offer headsets that cancel out ambient noise. The majority of premium brands are sweat and waterproof, allowing you to listen while swimming or training seriously hard. Not only that, but chic design and long battery life are both features regularly seen in the wide selection of earphones available at Walmart Canada.




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