On-Ear Headphones


On Ear Headphones: a Comfy Option Between Isolation and Earbuds

If you don't actually need the isolation of an over-the-ear headset, a comfortable alternative may be a pair of simple on ear headphones. In fact, you can make a clever compromise by getting on ear headphones with active noise cancellation. If you're prone to dancing or are worried about cord tangling, you may want to consider wireless headphones with Bluetooth connectivity. They give you room to move and still let you listen privately. If you're just concerned about the factory cord length being too short, high-quality headphone extension cords are available. For special applications, look for models with microphones, volume adjustment and remote controls to fit your needs such as video conferencing or gaming use.

Basic or Noise Cancelling On Ear Headphones?

Frequent travellers know that noise cancelling headphones give a degree of privacy even in noisy transit lounges and airports. There are plenty of other places where noise-cancelling technology can make a big difference — even around the house. In today's open office and co-working environments, noise-cancelling headphones take the place of walls and doors in providing a bit of privacy. On ear headphones combine comfort and convenience with enough room for powerful sound reproduction technology. Take them with you on the go: some headphones are foldable and fit in a carry case. The comfortable, soft pads of on ear headphones provide a degree of sound isolation whether you choose noise-cancelling or basic headphones.

High-End DJ and Professional Headphones

Active sound professionals like DJs and recording studio producers need quality sound but frequently remove their headphones during their work. An on ear pro headset can be a relief for them. It provides accurate sound reproduction and can be slipped on and off easily. Keep your process flow going without a lot of headphone hassle. The pro difference includes monitor-quality frequency response, and professional models include durable construction for reliable workplace use, making refurbished pro headphones a practical cost-saving option as well.

A Comfortable Pair of Headphones for Kids

Pamper young ears with a set of comfortable kid-sized on ear headphones. They can enjoy great sound quality in the car, at home around family or in their room. Pick a wireless Bluetooth headset or add an extension cord for freedom to move with the music. On ear headphones for kids are available with their favourite colours, characters and decorations so they can enjoy their personalized choice of listening equipment.

On Ear Headphones as PC Gaming Gear

While over-the-ear gaming headsets provide total immersion in the gaming soundscape, they can be uncomfortable for some players during long tournaments and over some types of ears. The on ear counterparts of immersive gaming headsets can provide a solution for players looking for comfortable gaming headgear. On ear provides the same high-quality sound and a microphone if desired but with a less gripping earpiece. For motion-based games, such as baseball and golf, with visual controllers, add Bluetooth wireless headphones to your system and swing freely to your heart's content.

Extension Cables and Bluetooth Wireless Freedom

Bluetooth wireless extenders plug into your audio device and transmit your audio across the room, letting you enjoy freedom of movement. This range lets you research your files and listen to a conference call or walk around while you talk. You can even dance to the music and enhance your creativity by unchaining yourself from your desk. Extension cables for on ear headphones are also available, some with gold-plated contacts to keep the sound as clear as possible.




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