Apple iPad: Ideal for Work and Play

Apple iPad combines the performance of a computer with the on-the-go convenience of a smartphone. These tablets for sale provide easy internet connectivity, whether you use them with your Wi-Fi setup or pair them with your mobile data plan. Use your iPad when you want to watch videos on your commute, get some work done at your child's soccer practice or study for a big test at your favorite coffee shop. Perhaps best of all, their compatibility with numerous fashionable or functional accessories let you tailor your iPad tablet to fit your particular needs.

Simple to Use

Touchscreen convenience helps you beat the learning curve for using Apple iPad tablets. Just a tap of the finger lets you open up your favourite apps quickly, and gliding your finger across the screen lets you drag and drop items right where you want them for easy organization. The device includes built-in apps that let you easily access your email, provide maps and directions, and create voice or text notes, while an integrated calendar and clock make it simple to schedule reminders and set alarms so you stay on top of your appointments. The super-clear Retina display on the iPad, iPad Pro and iPad mini ensure high-clarity visuals whether you're doing homework, watching TV shows or completing work reports.

Easy Multimedia Access

Enjoy quick and easy access to multimedia files with these iPad tablets. Discover and download music seamlessly via the integrated iTunes Store, and listen to your favourite songs with the built-in iTunes App. The App Store gives you access to an exceptional variety of games and streaming video programs so you can play and watch while on the go. For extra convenience, these iPads include two audio speakers that work great for personal use, and they pair beautifully with Bluetooth and plug-in speakers when you want to share your music or video collection with your friends.

Designed to Personalize

Choose from several colors when picking out your Apple iPad. Sleek grey and silver tablets have neutral, professional appeal, while rose gold and pink options offer a more feminine profile. offers lots of cases for your iPad, iPad Pro and iPad mini, giving you a handy way to personalize its look while protecting it from damage. You can also use tablet stands that let you prop your iPad on flat surfaces for easier video viewing, and some feature keyboards integrated into the case for hassle-free typing. Your tablet also pairs with the Apple Pencil, allowing you to write and draw on your display to extend its functionality even further.

Versatile Camera Options

Take crisp, colorful photos with the Apple iPad, and capture crystal-clear video. The rear-facing camera lets you snap shots of friends and family, while the FaceTime camera makes it simple to take great selfies and record video for uploading to YouTube or social media. Take advantage of easy connectivity with the App Store to download free photo and video-editing tools that let you control the look of your still photos and recorded videos.

Exceptional Performance

Apple iPad provides exceptional performance and provides a platform for smooth multitasking. Whether you're browsing Facebook or sending Tweets, using productivity apps to make to-do lists, or reading classic literature downloaded from the iTunes or App Stores, you can launch your applications quickly and use several at once thanks to powerful processors and an ample amount of RAM. Select built-in storage options to get the perfect amount of space so you can take everything you need for work and play along with you.

Fuss-Free Connectivity

Use the same cables and adapters to charge your iPad that you use to charge your Apple iPhone. USB ports let you plug in peripheral devices such as cordless mice and keyboards, while an audio jack lets you use your tablet with your choice of headphones and microphones. Bluetooth connectivity lets you pair it with everything from external speakers and mice to headsets and smart TVs.

Lightweight, Durable and Secure

Made from tough aluminum, Apple iPads offer long-term durability whether you use them with or without the case. The lightweight design makes them easy to carry in your briefcase or book bag, and the Touch ID fingerprint scanner or iSight technology lets you easily secure your iPad to maintain your privacy. Should you lose your device, you can use another computer to track it down thanks to integrated Find My iPad technology.

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