Tablet Cases & Covers


Tablet Cases to Protect Your Device

Prevent damage to your device with tablet cases and covers that absorb shocks and provide a buffer against scratches. Protective tablet covers also keep dirt and moisture at bay, and stylish designs show off your personality. Some cases are made for specific tablet models, while others are simple sleeves that fit any tablet of a particular size. Stock up on tablet cases for all of your devices at Walmart Canada.

Professional Covers for Tablets

Encase your tablet in a lightweight leather or faux leather folio case to present a professional appearance while protecting your device. Magnet closures prevent them from opening while enabling easy access when you want to use your tablet, and hand straps on the back of a case make holding the device easier. Plastic cases with rubberized shells offer enhanced drop protection. Cutouts for important ports and buttons provide complete access without removing the case, so you can take pictures or plug in earbuds without leaving your device vulnerable.

Sporty Tablet Sleeves

Neoprene sleeves with a zipper closure and a padded interior gently cushion your tablet during transport. These sporty sleeves keep out moisture and dirt, making them ideal for camping trips or outdoor adventures. Sleeves and cases with extra pockets let you carry cards or cash with you, and most sleeves have a soft interior that gently cleans the tablet screen as the fibres brush past the glass. You need to remove your tablet from the sleeve before you can work, watch videos or surf the web, though, unlike a fold-over case designed to remain on the device during use. For tablet transport during inclement weather or during water activities, consider a waterproof bag.

Kid-Proof Tablet Cases

Children can be hard on tablets, so you need a family-friendly case designed to handle unexpected conditions. These tablet cases tend to have oversized bumpers and large handles that are easy for smaller hands to grasp and hold. Thick edges keep the device screen up off the surface when a child sets the tablet face-down on a sticky counter or damp table. Kid-friendly cases come in a wide variety of bright colours to appeal to children.

Personalized Designs

Showcase your love of dogs, fine art or the natural world with snap-on tablet covers that feature fun images on the back. Adding an artistic cover gives your device a fun look and makes it instantly recognizable from across the room. Solid-colour cases in vibrant hues offer another way to add a touch of creative fun. Whether you have an 8-inch e-reader or 10.1-inch Samsung tablet, you can find colourful tablet cases to fit your device.

Screen Protectors

Transparent screen protectors cover the front of your device without impacting usability. These clear plastic or tempered glass sheets stick directly to the screen to help reduce scratches and fingerprints, and they also reduce glare to improve the visibility of images on your screen. Look for no-residue screen protectors to avoid sticky marks when you remove or reposition the sheet.

Cases with Extra Functionality

Some tablet cases flip over to become a stand, making it easy to watch streamed media hands-free. If you plan to go hands-free on a regular basis, an adjustable tablet stand gives you the option of changing the viewing angle or height. Tablet cases with a stylus loop let you attach an external pen for use with your device. Keyboard cases offer full protection and also include a compatible keyboard inside the case so you can type directly into your tablet.




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