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Whether you're writing an essay, preparing a presentation, watching your favourite show or reading the news, there's a laptop out there to suit your needs. Whether you’re looking for gaming laptops or 2-in-1 laptops, this laptop buying guide can help you find the right fit.

Laptops come in a variety of sizes and performance features to fit your needs. Understanding how you plan to use your laptop is the first step in deciding which type of laptop will be best for you. On a tight budget? Refurbished laptops might be right for you.

If portability and being lightweight is a bigger concern, Chromebooks & Netbooks are more ideal since they make it easier to travel and allow for easy access to work and school documents. If you’re looking for a laptop with the same portability as Netbooks & Chromebooks but with a bigger screen size and more processing power, Ultrabooks are more suited to your needs.

Lastly, once you narrowed down what king of laptop will suit your needs the best you should invest in a Laptop bag or case to help protect your PC when travelling.

Laptop Buying Tips:

  • Laptops for school and everyday use require moderate performance features
  • Laptops for business that use multimedia require mid-to high-performance features
  • Laptops for gaming require high performance features and special graphics cards
  • Higher processors, more memory, and special graphics cards can add to the cost of a laptop; they are a “nice-to-have” but not usually required for day-to-day computing
  • Higher performance features can drain battery life more quickly
  • Higher storage sizes offer a greater capacity to hold games, videos, photos and music
  • If your laptop hard drive is getting full, cheap and easy fixes include adding more internal memory, buying an external hard drive, or moving some of your data to the cloud




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