Computer & Laptop Accessories


Computer Accessories to Streamline Your Work

Computer accessories make both your workday and your playtime easier. Choose from a wide variety of PC headsets and computer speakers at Walmert Canada to control the sound of your computer, and stay fully connected with the right computer cables, USB cables and USB hubs. Laptop accessories such as bags, sleeves and cases let you take full advantage of your device's portability.

PC Headsets for Work and Play

Stay connected to everyone from your work colleagues to your gaming friends with professional stereo PC headsets. Lightweight earpieces with flexible microphones allow the ease of hands-free conversations, while combination sets that pair headsets with webcams let you conduct long-distance negotiations face-to-face. Check out Bluetooth-enabled headsets that let you unplug and continue your conversation as you stroll around your office or home. Headsets with rotating mics are ideal in call center environments, and wireless headsets let you roam within about 30 feet of your computer if you prefer to pace while pitching your project. Those who like a streamlined profile can opt for in-ear earpieces, while gamers can choose from dedicated headsets that feature eye-catching designs and heavy bass.

Computer Speakers Wrap You in Great Sound

Sure, your laptop has built-in speakers, but why settle for the limited sound they produce? Computer speakers are among those computer accessories that make a real difference in your enjoyment level while you're working or playing online. Choose a multimedia system that connects not just to your laptop but also to your TV or tablet to enjoy movies and TV shows with crisp, robust sound. Laptop sound bars provide rich sound in a tiny format that lets you take high-end speakers on the go.

Get the Right Cables for the Job

There's nothing more frustrating than being unable to connect because you don't have all the cables you need. Choose from a wide variety of handy cables and connectors, including Ethernet, Firewire, HDMI, laptop audio cables, printer cables and far more. Cables with a USB connector on one end and Thunderbolt, Lightning and mini cables on the other provide versatile connections to all sorts of devices, and USB hubs make it easy to connect multiple computer accessories and devices even if your computer only hosts a single USB port.

Protect Your Laptop with Bags, Cases and Sleeves

Laptop bags, cases and sleeves offer protection while making it easy to take all your work anywhere you need it. Laptop briefcases nestle your computer in protective padding while providing plenty of space to store computer accessories, office supplies and hard-copy documents and files. Slip your laptop into a neoprene sleeve when you want to pop it into a conventional backpack or messenger bag, or slide it into the internal padded sleeve of a dedicated laptop backpack for easy transport.

Laptop Stands Offer Versatile Work Positions

Lift your laptop to an ergonomically correct position that protects your spine as you work with a laptop stand that adjusts to a comfortable height. Stands with gooseneck clamps for tablets allow you to work from multiple screens at the same time, and sit-stand desktop workstations let you convert your traditional desk into a standing desk to encourage healthy circulation. Choose a mobile PC cart when you need to transport your laptop and other electronics around the office for presentations or receptions.

Surge Protectors Provide Another Kind of Safety

Guard your computer against unexpected electrical catastrophes with powerful surge protectors. Wall taps that offer surge protection can also turn your two-device electrical outlet into one that can handle up to six plugs, with special spacing to accommodate bulkier adapters. Dedicated home theater surge protectors provide enough space to plug in all your audio/video components.

Cooling Pads for Your Hot Laptop

Cooling pads are dedicated laptop accessories designed to keep your computer working at an optimum temperature to prevent crashes or other heat-related glitches. Choose a cooling pad that tilts your laptop at an angle to create an ergonomically comfortable work position, and look for one with an anti-slip coating to prevent unexpected accidents. USB plug-in cooling fans stabilize your laptop's operation by extracting heat from its inner workings.

Even More Computer Accessories to Make Life Easier

Stock up on computer adapters of all sorts so you're never left unable to make the connection you need. Laptop docking stations and locks provide extra security when you're working in an open office environment. Monitor and screen accessories include privacy screens, screen cleaners, wrist supports and risers, all designed to make your workday more comfortable.




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