Computer Cables & Adapters

Computer Cables for All Your Connection Needs

Computer cables provide the digital roads required to connect and run computer equipment and peripherals. From power to data, what you stream through these connectors lets you contact friends, see the world and keep the music or work flowing. While they may seem like small incidentals, computer cables make it possible to use your PClaptop or favourite devices in the most productive manner. You'll find adapters and cables of all types and sizes at Walmart Canada.

Power Supply and Computer Cables

Before you can launch digital battle strategies via your favourite PC games or get down to personal or business productivity, you must power up your computer. Most laptops and PCs come with a specific power cable that ensures a safe connection between your device and the wall outlet, but if anything goes amiss (or goes missing), you can purchase after market computer cables and AC adapters to keep the electricity flowing.

Video Cables and Adapters

A next major cabling concern for many device users is getting the data to an appropriate screen. Desktop PCs and laptops connect to external monitors via a variety of cable options, including DisplayPort to VGA, DisplayPort to HDMI, USB Type C to HDMI or just standard HDMI cables.
To understand what type of video cable you need, you must first review the ports and connectors on your computer. The options are typically USB, HDMI and DisplayPort. You need a cable that has one side that will connect to an open port on your device. Next, consider the monitor or screen you want to use. This could include a monitor meant for use with a computer, but you can also use your television. Discover what type of ports the monitor has; the other side of your computer cable must match an available port on the video device.
Sometimes, you have plenty of cables, but they don't seem to connect in the right way. In this case, you can purchase adapters. A VGA adapter, for example, might let you turn an HDMI to HDMI cable into an HDMI to VGA cable. This can be especially helpful when one piece of your equipment is older than the other, as industry-standard connections change over time. Purchasing just the adapter may be a smarter use of funds than splurging for the entire computer cable.

USB Ports and Cables

Cables connect components other than video monitors to your computer. From cell phones and digital cameras to speakers and keyboards, many peripherals connect with computer cables that have a USB interface on at least one end. The other end might be a Lightning, MicroUSB or Type C connection, depending on the needs of the device.
Once you match cables to your device, you may be able to choose from standard or fast data and charging cables. If your computer supports USB 3.0 or 3.1 connections, you may want to consider opting for the higher-level cable. These cables charge devices and transfer data faster when paired with compatible ports to promote productivity.

Keeping Computer Cables Organized

Once you have everything connected, spend a little effort organizing your wires to save hassle and time later. Binder clips, twist ties and labels are common products used to manage cables behind desks or entertainment systems. If you travel a lot with your computer, consider investing in a laptop bag that offers cable management.



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