Monitor Accessories & Screen Cleaners

Monitor Accessories to Equip Your Work Station for Comfort and Efficiency

Create a more favourable working or entertainment environment with the right monitor accessories. Whether you need a convenient caddy for peripherals and pens or want to raise your screen to keep your neck comfortable during all-night write or gaming sessions, the right accessories make a huge difference. Optional extras such as cooling pads protect your equipment, and docking stations let you plug in and get to work right away. From screen cleaners and protectors to risers and wrist supports, find items at Walmart Canada that enhance the function of your monitor and make your work station a more enjoyable place to spend so much time.

Screen Accessories

Eyes might be the window to the soul, but in today's modern age, computer and device screens are your window to the rest of the world. Accessories to protect both are important if you spend a lot of time with digital devices, including your computer. One must-have when it comes to monitor accessories is screen cleaners.

Screen cleaning can't be done with general household chemicals and a spare rag from the kitchen: you run the risk of scratching, discolouring or otherwise ruining your monitor. Instead, opt for specially formulated liquids in spray bottles and cleaning cloths designed to protect your LCD monitor screen or other unique surface. 

Privacy or anti-glare screens are also important accessories. Reduce eyestrain from looking at LCD screens all day or keep your business private with screens that keep off-angle viewing to a minimum.

Monitor Mounting Accessories

Keep your monitor stable at your work station or raise it to exact eye level with the right monitor mount. Monitor accessories that let you mount an LCD screen or other video component to a desk, table, rack or wall make it possible to achieve a high level of customization. Choosing the right equipment is critical to functionality and the safety of your monitor, though.

Whether you're selecting a wall mount, dual monitor stand or other accessory, do a little research first to ensure you pick items that will hold your monitor correctly. First, begin with the size of your monitor screen. Most monitor accessories are marketed for specific size monitors. Next, ensure that the monitor mount you choose supports a weight limit that is in line with your equipment.

Finally, choose products that meet mounting standards (VESA or FDMI) when you want to mount a flat screen. This is a standard published by the Video Electronics Standards Association to ensure mounts are more universally accepted by monitors, making it easier to choose the right accessories.

Desk Accessories for Your Monitor

You don't have to get out the drill or mount your monitor on equipment to bring it up to eye level. Desk risers are a quick way to raise your screen, and height-adjustable monitor stands let you change the setup quickly if multiple people use the workstation. One benefit of rises is that you can use the space beneath them for storage or a place to keep your keyboard, reducing clutter on your desktop. Risers or monitor mounts are both great ways to make more of a small desk space.





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