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Experience More From Your Computer Keyboard

Although often categorized as an accessory, your computer keyboard plays a vital role in work productivity or successful gaming. Whether you are using it to input a series of numbers, draft emails or escape from a virtual villain, a comfortable, responsive computer keyboard is crucial to your success. Scroll through Walmart Canada's extensive selection of keyboards and computer mice to make sure your setup provides the features you need.

Reduce Desktop Clutter

It's easy to see why computer users want to get rid of wired accessories. A workstation setup that uses a wired computer mouse and keyboard along with a mouse pad pretty much eliminates all free surface space. Individuals who use wireless systems at work or who've previously owned a wireless keyboard are quick to search for an upgrade when they order a new desktop computer. Once you have experience working untethered, it's hard to go back. 

Most wireless keyboards come with USB receivers and a plug-and-play installation program. Logitech's receiver is compatible with the company's wireless mouse, so you don't have to use multiple slots to run other devices. Look for models with backlit keys, and you may even find yourself typing away from the comfort of your bed. Walmart Canada gift cards are a great way to let students update their desktop units with a multipurpose, movable keyboard.

Create a Portable Workstation

Bluetooth keyboards ensure a fast, reliable interface with your smart device and their auto-off and sleep modes conserve battery life. These ultralight, compact keyboards give you all the functions you need without the bulkiness of a full-size version, and has models that flex, fold and roll up so you can slip them into travel bags or even totes. While touch screens have many exciting uses, nothing can beat a keyboard for fast input, and with all the compact varieties available, there's no reason not to keep one nearby.

Make sure your laptop bag contains a wireless optical mouse as an alternative to trackpad use. Most wireless computer mice are equipped with nano receivers, giving you a secure connection within a finite range. These little connectors are less susceptible to damage and take up much less space than the cord and port on a typical wired USB mouse.

Up Your Game With a Mechanical Computer Keyboard

Not every computer user is planning on inputting columns of Excel data. Gamers have quite a different reason for upgrading from the standard keyboard. Role-playing computer games rely on fast user/system interfaces. Players expect their computer keyboard to keep up with quick finger strikes and to last as long as their digital realm.

Mechanical gaming keyboards use Cherry MX speed switches to provide snap-and-click feedback, and many brands include software to let you deactivate specific buttons or customize function keys. Continue playing long into the night thanks to illuminated key characters, and make sure you have an adjustable dpi mouse, so you can quickly switch the pointer speed to match your gaming environment.

Make Comfort a Priority

Regardless of whether you are a die-hard gamer or an accountant, long hours at the computer keyboard can take their toll. Companies such as Ergoguys and Microsoft have addressed this situation by manufacturing a variety of keyboards with curved edges, wrist supports and split surfaces that provide a user-friendly experience. Add a trackball or vertical ergonomic mouse to your setup to experiment with different hand positions and make sure your desk chair supports proper posture.

Don't settle for being tethered to your computer. Look through's product listings to find a keyboard that supports your lifestyle and adds comfort to your day.





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