Mouse Pads & Wrist Rests

Mouse Pads for Your Every Computing Need

Mouse pads have evolved significantly since their humble beginnings in the late 60s. While all of them provide a smooth surface for your mouse to glide on, many also include helpful add-ons, such as wrist rests and even battery-saving capabilities to optimize your computing experience. Whether you're using it for your home office, at work or for your gaming rig, you can find a wide selection of mouse pads and wrist rests at Walmart Canada.

When selecting a new mouse pad, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, choose a model with an anti-slip rubber base that helps prevent it from sliding around on your tabletop. Most mouse pads have this feature, usually in the form of a textured base.

Second, look for pads with smooth, even tops, usually made of cloth or another soft fabric. The smooth surface of a mouse pad allows your wired or wireless mouse to glide over the surface so you can navigate precisely on your computer monitor. Some modern versions may be made of hard plastic, such as polycarbonate, which are more compatible with a laser mouse

The top portion of the mouse pad is bonded to the typically rubber-composite bottom and comes in a variety of colours to suit your tastes. Many have fun images or patterns that match your interests or office decor, such as choices from Centon Electronics.

Mouse Pads for PC Gaming

Some mouse pads, including those from BenQ, are optimized for computer gaming. In general, gaming mouse pads offer a larger footprint for a wider navigation area, and their top surface is usually optimized for precise navigation. After all, whether you're playing in a competitive league or just casually at home with online friends, winning a battle or match depends on split-second reactions and cursor accuracy. One misclick could mean the difference between victory and defeat, so gamers shopping for a new mouse pad should choose carefully.

First, choose your material: Do you want a soft mouse pad or one that's made of hard plastic? Your answer may depend on the type of mouse you plan to use. Laser and optical mice are both compatible with flexible pads, but laser mice tend to perform better on the surface of a hard mouse pad, such as those from SteelSeries. Some choices can even illuminate, to give your gaming area a fun finishing touch. 

Mouse Pads with Wrist Rests

As you browse for a new mouse pad, you'll notice that many are designed with a wrist rest. These can keep your wrist and hand comfortable during long hours at the computer. Some are made from silicone gel for enhanced comfort, and they're designed to help relax your wrist while using your mouse. 

You can also purchase a wrist rest separately, and some are made for use with wired and wireless keyboards. Most of them conform to your wrist and combine firm support with soft comfort.

Specialized Mouse Pads

Some specialized mouse pads, such as those from 3M Canada, have built-in battery-saving features that may help extend the battery life of your wireless mouse. 

If you're an animal fanatic, you may want to check out some fun designs featuring various dog breeds, such as fun prints from Carolines Treasures. Along with pictures of poodles, labs and Yorkshire terriers, you can find mouse pads splayed with fields of flowers and seasonal images. These charming mouse pads can help add a touch of whimsy to your home office.

Whether you're a serious gamer or just looking for a basic, functional mouse pad, you can find lots of options when you shop with Walmart Canada.





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