Wireless & Bluetooth Keyboards

Boost Work Efficiency With a Wireless Keyboard

A wireless keyboard lets you customize your work or computer entertainment space for efficiency and comfort. Plus, the right Bluetooth keyboard makes it possible to control components other than a PC or laptop, providing more accessible access to smart television functions. Whether you engage in PC gaming regularly or just boot up your laptop to connect with friends online, Walmart Canada has a wide range of products that put you in command of the keys to get the job done.

Wireless Keyboard Sizes

When shopping for a new wireless keyboard, first consider how you'll use the device. Will it sit at your desk all the time, or do you want to be able to toss it in your laptop bag for use at a nearby library or coffee shop? Portable keyboards fold or roll to fit easily in bags, but they can be less sensitive to touch or come with smaller keys that don't work well for fast typists or lengthy documents. These smaller wireless devices often work best as a companion for use when you want to do a bit of typing on the go.
Full-size keyboards aren't as portable, but they come in a variety of shapes, so you can find one that supports ergonomics. Pair an ergonomic keyboard with the right chair and desk setup to support lengthy work or gaming sessions with as much comfort as possible.

A full-size keyboard also tends to come with a number pad, but if you don't plan on using 10-key functionality, you can forgo the extra keys to save space or support better portability. 

Choosing a Keyboard Based on Function

Next, consider what type of functionality is most important to you. If you're buying a keyboard to control a television or other smart device, a Bluetooth connection is critical. Not all wireless keyboards are Bluetooth keyboards; some connect via the same wireless technology you use to connect to an internet router.
If you'll be using the keyboard away from home, a long battery life is optimal. That way you don't have to worry about charging the device when you spend hours working in a coffee shop. The option to connect the keyboard to USB ports to charge is nice, because then you can plug the device into your computer in the field whenever batteries wind down.
Backlit keys sometimes bring down the battery life, but they can add a fun ambience to gaming or work. Plus, they make it easy to see your keys in dimly lit spaces, which might be important in a home theater room.

Finally, a keyboard that supports hot keys or includes programmable function keys is important for most gamers. These keys let you launch actions with the press of a single button — a huge benefit in the middle of fast-paced gameplay. Hot keys can also support increased efficiency with work tasks, though, so they're a good option if you're looking to add a keyboard to a home office or equip work stations in your small business.

Bundles and Optional Keyboard Accessories

While you can navigate a lot with your keyboard, the most efficient cursor movement typically comes with a mouse. Save money by opting for a keyboard and mouse bundle from your favourite brand. Alternatively, you can choose a separate wireless mouse that meets exact personal needs; your keyboard and mouse don't have to be the same brand to work together. Pair your new tech with a mouse or wrist pad to ensure comfort as you work or play.

Note that some wireless peripherals require a USB stick be inserted into your laptop or PC for syncing to the computer. Make sure you have the right ports or adapters on hand to support the components you choose. Find the right tech equipment and adapters at Walmart Canada.



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