Wireless & Bluetooth Mice


The Mighty Wireless Mouse is Packed with Features

Take a moment to consider the unassuming wireless mouse. What other accessory lets you maneuver through social media pages, scroll down endless Excel columns and play your way through a digital realm all while residing in the palm of your hand? Laptop and tablet users can also improve their navigational abilities by connecting to a wireless mouse or a Bluetooth mouse via a built-in or external USB receiver.

Experience Untethered Motion

A wireless mouse lets a computer user place their hand at a convenient and comfortable distance without the limitations of an attached cord. Tiny nano receivers relay information from your device and fit snugly into USB ports, taking up less space and reducing the chance of inadvertent bumps. Many receivers are capable of supporting multiple devices, leaving ports open for other purposes such as keyboards and storage drives. When not in use, these receivers typically stow away inside the mouse cavity, so you don't have to worry about misplacing them. 

Other wireless mice don't use receivers at all. The Logitech Bluetooth mouse M557 is supported by Windows and Mac OS and connects without a receiver. All that is required is a Bluetooth enabled smart device. Walmart Canada carries a variety of Logitech products including wireless mice and keyboards. 

Customize Your Setup

Fingertip or Palm Grip

Individuals who use a wireless mouse for home or work rely typically on a palm grip. This popular grip lets you rest your hand upon the mouse, covering more of the top surface and receiving support from the mouse's frame. Other grips such as the claw and tip grip allow minimal contact with the mouse's surface and are more suitable to gaming applications. Choose your mouse's shape to match your favourite grip.

Most computer mice can be used by left and right-handed people; however, certain ergonomic designs and trackballs have designated handedness directions.

High Definition Optical Sensor or Laser

Laser mice have a higher dpi rating which makes them slightly more sensitive to tracking movements. Laser mice pick up tiny surface details which may contribute to shaky movement on rough surfaces, and conversely, optical mice often have problems on smooth, shiny surfaces. In the end, choosing between a laser mouse and an optical mouse often comes down to preference and budget constraints. 

Mouse pads have many benefits including protecting the surface of your desk. Constant rubbing and friction eventually remove the finish from even on the hardiest of surfaces over time. Designated gaming pads improve response time and help eliminate unwanted movements. Extra-large pads let you produce grand sweeping motions, and their wide variety of surfaces provide an enhanced gaming experience.

Finally, mouse pads offer you the opportunity to add a personal touch to your workstation, and some even come with wrist supports for added comfort. Look for fun, creative designs sporting animals, gaming characters and landscapes at Walmart Canada.

Sleep and Power-Save Modes

Most mice require one or two AA or AAA batteries, and the length of time between battery replacement varies depending upon how long you use your mouse and what type of movements you typically perform. Some models may have a smart sleep mode, which extends battery life by powering down basic functions yet allowing the mouse to quickly become active without a lengthy start-up time. Conserve power by activating your smart sleep button when you connect a new mouse. 

Regular Scroll Wheel or Tilt Wheel

The scroll wheel is a feature no frequent mouse user would do without; however, some companies including Microsoft, are experimenting with letting you tilt the wheel left or right. This innovation moves pages horizontally as well as vertically. Users who frequently view wide spreadsheets or web pages can find this adaptation particularly handy.

With all the choices out there, don't settle for a standard mouse. Look through Walmart.ca's huge selection and pick out a wireless computer mouse that offers the most features at a competitive price.



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