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Keep an Eye on Your Computer with a Great Computer Monitor

A good computer monitor is one of the must-have pieces of equipment for your home or office computer. Whether you're browsing the internet, cramming at the last minute for an overdue school project or grinding through a marathon gaming session, the computer screen is likely to be your primary interface. Finding the right screen for your computer, one with the size, resolution and colour spectrum you need, is easy with Walmart Canada's great online selection.

Basic Computer Monitors

Many people with simple at-home computer setups only feel the need to go for a basic computer monitor. Likewise, many office managers feel they have no choice when they're buying in bulk for dozens of office desks. Fortunately, even a basic modern monitor has features that help fight fatigue and keep work productive.

One of the first requirements of a monitor is good ergonomics. It seems like a small detail, but just having the screen at the correct angle and distance for viewing can save a lot of sore necks and lost productivity. A height adjustable stand, for instance, can be locked in place so the top of the screen is at about eye level. Position a desk lamp nearby and at an angle that provides adequate lighting.

Basic computer monitors may not have all the bells and whistles, but virtually all of them can be adjusted for brightness and colour contrast. Experiment with these settings until the screen is perfectly clear and text is legible but without the glare of too-high brightness or contrast. On a 1920 x 1080 computer monitor, which is an average resolution, you can often get a more readable picture with a magnifying screen.

LCD Monitors Versus LED Monitors

Modern computer monitors come in two basic varieties: LCD and LED. In the past, these were actually different technologies, but the two have converged, and now, both deliver fine performance for all but the most niche applications.


LCD monitors use a liquid crystal display to form images. In older monitors, a cathode zapped the crystal fluid with electricity to make the pixels opaque or clear. Modern LCD screens still sometimes use this tech, but there's still a place for cold-cathode screens. These lower-light screens are great for viewing in darkened rooms, and the muted contrast they give is relatively restful on the eyes.


Several technologies go by the name LED, but for computer monitors, it just means that the cathodes have been replaced with more efficient LED lights. The image-forming screen in front still uses LCD technology to make images, but the much brighter LED backlight powers out crisp whites and vibrant colours that work well in brightly lit offices. LEDs are also preferred for really high-resolution image work and some gaming applications.

Gaming Monitors

PC gaming has grown into one of the principal reasons people buy computers for their homes. It's also a guilty pleasure for people who use computers at work. While it doesn't take much to render a decent game of solitaire, gaming screens usually need a little more. 

Most monitors used for gaming are bigger than common monitors. Screen sizes of 24 and 27 inches are common, compared with the 19- or 17-inch standards for other applications. Gaming screens also usually have a really high refresh rate to better track the action, and many top-rated models have built-in speakers mounted to the sides for accurate sound geometry. 

Touchscreen Monitors

Many computer monitors offer a more sophisticated interface than just the keyboard and mouse alone. Touchscreens let users input commands by tapping and swiping at the screen with a finger or stylus, just like a tablet computer. Many users find this convenient for pinching the screen to zoom in, swiping past a lot of images with a gesture or working with app-based programs on the desktop.

Computer Screen Accessories to Consider

Monitors never work alone, and Walmart Canada has a lot of monitor accessories you can use to get the most out of yours. Risers, for example, can lift your monitor to a comfortable height and even give you some extra storage on the desk. Privacy screens ensure only you can see confidential material, and anti-glare screens help reduce eye strain while you work.




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