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Power Your World With a Desktop PC

Great technology should enhance your lifestyle, and a PC built for your needs can bring simplicity to your daily routines. With a new desktop computer, your digital tasks are faster and easier, leaving you more time to focus on what's most important to you. Whether for work, life or play, you can find a PC that fits into your world at an affordable price thanks to Walmart Canada's broad selection.

Upgrade Your Lifestyle With a PC

Personal computers are great for streaming your favourite shows and music at home. You can connect your desktop computer to a television set with a streaming media player for more control of your content or take advantage of Windows 10 home media features that work over your Wi-Fi. With your own media library, you aren't limited to the rotating selections of service providers, so your options are truly endless.

Keep in touch with family and friends with a simple machine designed for web browsing. You don't have to spend a lot of money to stay connected with simple browser-based tasks like social media and email. Affordable computers with a small form factor are designed for common tasks, and you can still enjoy great games and media at an affordable price. Look for a refurbished computer for savings on powerful hardware.

Your PC works with you to make life simpler and more accessible. Organize your recipes, shop online and stay up to date with news feeds. Desktop PCs open up more possibilities than a smartphone or a tablet, giving you the full set of features from the websites you use already.

Work Smarter, Not Harder With a Business Desktop

Windows 10 Pro powers businesses all over the world, and the solid, stable performance of a business-class PC from HP offers convenience you can depend on. Machines made for professionals focus on security and consistent performance, so your technology stays out of your way while you work.

Documents and spreadsheets are a snap with office suites. With a solid state drive, you can quickly organize and access complex projects with less worry about losing your work. Security features built into operating systems designed for businesses protect you from malicious programs and help keep your data private.

For professionals, you can't beat a powerful computer loaded with industry-standard software, and it looks good on your resume to have access to these key programs. Your personal computer is the centre of your office, so it should take care of your most pressing needs quickly and easily.

Gaming PCs Let You Jump Into the Game

Computers for gaming are designed for high performance and graphics processing power. Gamers want the very best, and computers by MSI and CyberpowerPC are popular choices for anyone serious about playtime.

There are options to fit your budget, and most gamers can find more than enough power in an entry-level gaming desktop. These are perfect for indie titles and retro games and are capable of running new games on standard settings.

For the hardcore crowd, pro gaming rigs give you a competitive edge and let you max out graphics settings for truly breathtaking experiences. These machines are optimized for smooth, uninterrupted gameplay and to record game footage while you play or stream live on your favourite platforms.

Serious gamers will want to look out for key features to find a gaming PC optimized for their needs. Games take up a lot of storage space, so a 2TB HDD helps ensure you've got room for the games you love. For high frame rate games and pixel-perfect precision, you can get the most out of a monitor with a high refresh rate.

There's a Desktop PC for Everyone

Your personal computer should make your world simpler, save you time and keep you connected. Check out what's in store at to find the latest computers tailored to your way of life.




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