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Get the Most Out of a Gaming PC

Get into the game with the lightning-fast performance of a gaming PC from Walmart Canada. These machines are built to meet the demands of games that ask for a lot from your hardware. Whether you want to immerse yourself in rich, detailed environments or go head-to-head with players from around the world, we’ve got a gaming computer designed for your needs.

Level Up Your Experience With Powerful Hardware

Gaming computers from companies like Acer and MSI let you play your favourite titles on high graphics settings without sacrificing performance. The worlds at your fingertips come to life with a dedicated graphics card, powering advanced shaders and lighting engines, all rendered beautifully at high resolutions. A dedicated card relies on its own power supply and memory, so it's never weighed down by background tasks or any other programs you have running.

Quad-core processing means your gaming PC can handle multiple complex tasks simultaneously, giving you the freedom to play your way and share the experience with friends. Go live on your favourite streaming platforms and show off your skills to the gaming community, play music from your own library while you game and enjoy your games the way you want. Each core focuses on its own set of tasks so nothing gets in the way of your gameplay.

With so many great games and options at your disposal, you’ll need ample storage space to hold it all. Gaming machines come with large hard disk drives, with 1 and 2TB HDDs offered by most manufacturers, all the way up to 8TB from companies such as CyberpowerPC. You shouldn't have to worry about running out of space for the latest releases, and a good gaming desktop computer has room to spare.

Depend on Solid Performance From a Gaming PC

Nobody wants their games to stutter or lock up right before that next checkpoint, and you can depend on the stability of Windows 10, included with gaming PCs from HP and Dell. With an operating system optimized for games, your gaming PC is ready for anything. Many current generation games require Windows 10's DirectX 12, which makes better use of your hardware's resources than was possible in the past.

Powerful machines push themselves to the limits to deliver crisp visuals at high frame rates, but you don’t have to worry about your hardware overheating with gaming PCs controlled by liquid cooling systems. They run more quietly than cooling systems that primarily use fans, and they're always much more energy efficient. If the appearance of your hardware is a factor, liquid cooling systems have a unique, high-tech look, and they take up less space than fans.

Customize Your Setup With Gaming Peripherals

If you’re going to invest in a powerful computer, it should probably look good. Most computers built for gaming are designed with a gamer's aesthetic in mind, and beautiful cases from Silver Stone Technologies are sleek and modern, showing your rig means business.

Gaming PCs that come with a keyboard and mouse included give you an optimized, matching set. Gaming keyboards are often more compact than traditional desktop versions, have backlit keys and register inputs at very high speeds. Gaming mice have high-resolution sensors and offer customization through additional buttons. Stand out with a setup that looks like a pro gamer’s rig, and enjoy the benefits of peripherals made to work with your hardware.




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