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Protect Your Digital Media with a Storage Solution from Walmart Canada

Most computer users realize it's important to protect the data on their computer hard drive by having a secondary storage solution. Though some people don’t think of purchasing a backup hard drive until they have already lost important information, you can protect your valuable data by choosing from one of the many affordable data storage solutions at available at Walmart Canada.

Because technology can sometimes be fickle, it's always wise to have a secondary storage device either by way of flash memory, cloud storage, or the addition of an extra hard drive, whether external or internal.

How to Choose Backup Storage

Ask yourself a few good questions. Will you be storing personal documents, photos, music, videos, or games? Do you need regular accessibility of your backup data?

When you know what you want to backup, you'll have a better idea of how much space you need, how fast you'll need the data to be transferred, how accessible it needs to be, and how much you want to spend. Music, videos, and games require more space than digital photographs, and photos require more space than documents.

Choose from a Variety of Back Up Choices

A simple data storage solution is a USB flash drive, also called a thumb drive. These small tools are loaded with storage capacity, making them great for documents and photos. Flash drives fit easily into a pocket or desk drawer, making them convenient. At Walmart.ca, we always carry an array of affordable options in many storage sizes. 

Flash drive storage space ranges from 2 to 62GB.To give you an idea of capability, a 2GB flash drive will hold about 110 photos, 125 songs, and 0.5GB of document files, as well as 5 minutes of video. A 62GB flash drive will hold approximately 2,000 photos, plus 4,000 songs, 16GB of documents, and 160 minutes of video.

Internal Solutions

Upgrading or installing an additional internal hard drive to your PC or laptop is a good option if you need regular accessibility and increased storage capacity. Because the hard drive is internal, it doesn't use up desk space or take up a USB port.

External Hard Drive

Compact and affordable external computer hard drives, on the other hand, can be used on a desk or pulled out of a drawer as needed to back up or retrieve data. There are also slim transportable designs you can take with you.

To give you a perspective of HDD space, a 3TB hard drive you can find at Walmart Canada stores up to 49,980 hours of music, 960,000 digital photos, and up to 750 hours of HD videos.

Solid State Drive

A solid-state drive (SSD) is a data storage device that functions like an HDD. An SSD is more streamlined, providing faster performance. Gamers might prefer an SSD to speed up processing, or maybe you just like to stream videos at an optimum level.




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