External & Portable Hard Drives

Back Up Important Files with an External Hard Drive

External hard drives make it simple to create a reliable copy of important files and programs, so you never have to worry about losing data if something happens to your laptop or desktop computer. Whether you're searching for 8TB hard drives to back up multiple computers in your network or a portable hard drive to transport and store large video or audio files, Walmart Canada has a wide assortment of compact drives to complement your computer's internal hard drive.

Reliable Extra Storage

Free up space on your internal hard drive with a tabletop external drive that holds programs and files you don't use frequently. With capacities of ranging from 1TB to 8TB, you can significantly increase the amount of available storage without altering your computer's internal configuration. Use the extra space to store movies or music and keep a multimedia library easily accessible without bogging down everyday work processes, or set up a regular backup schedule to make copies of everything on your system to protect against data loss. Most external hard drives are plug-and-play, so there's no long or confusing setup process. Just plug your drive into your computer using a USB cable and open the folder for the device to add or remove files. When it comes to keeping your drive connected, plugging in cords and cables to handle regular backups can get frustrating. Some external hard drives let you eschew the wires and make regular automatic backups or manual file transfers over your Wi-Fi connection. 

Portable Drives for On-the-Go Transfers

When you're on the move, take your data with you using a portable hard drive. Slim models fit easily into your briefcase, backpack or laptop bag for convenient transport, or you can invest in a dedicated case designed to fit your drive and any associated cords or accessories. Storage capacities of 1TB and above provide plenty of room for movies and video games, so you can share your favorite entertainment with a friend. Compatibility with both Mac and PC systems lets you easily use a portable drive to exchange files with friends or colleagues who use a different operating system. Drives with USB 3.0 or Thunderbolt connections move files between the drive and your computer quickly, so you can finish the transfer and continue whatever else you have planned for the day. If you're only transporting a few photo files or a small selection of music, a USB flash drive is another option to consider.

Rugged External Hard Drives for Tough Conditions

Whether your data needs to handle a trek through the wilderness or just regular transport at the bottom of your daily travel bag, a rugged hard drive built for tough conditions may be just what you need. Shockproof drives in rubberized covers withstand drops, bumps and jostles so your files stay safe no matter where you take them. Covered ports prevent dust and moisture from getting inside the drive for added protection. To protect your files from a different kind of threat, many external hard drives offer password encryption that keeps unauthorized users from accessing the stored data.



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