USB Flash Drives & USB Sticks


Store and Swap Data with a USB Flash Drive

Whether you're sharing confidential project documents with a colleague or moving family photos between your laptop and your desktop PC, a USB flash drive provides a quick, portable solution to all your data transfer needs. Keep a supply of USB sticks on hand to swap files with friends or save music and movies for future enjoyment. Walmart Canada has a wide range of USB drives from trusted brands to make data storage simple.

High-Speed Data Transfers

A USB stick makes high speed file transfers simple, and most modern drives are compatible with the USB ports in laptops and desktop computers. You can even use your drive to load pictures and slideshows to a digital photo frame or transfer programs and apps to your video game system. USB 2.0 is an older system than USB 3.0, but you can use either one in any USB port. USB 3.0 gives you faster data transfers than a USB 2.0 flash drive or port can handle, so if speed is a major factor and you're moving a lot of data at once, look for a newer drive.

Simple Storage Solutions

The storage capacity of your USB flash drive determines how much data you can carry, store and share. Modern USB drives hold plenty of data, and the size you need depends on what you plan to load onto the drive. If you're transferring small files, basic spreadsheets and simple documents, a 4GB or 8GB drive could handle all of your data needs. Moving a full music library from one computer to another or storing a a few hours worth of high-definition video content requires a lot more room, so you may need a drive with 64GB or 128GB of available space. Drives with 32GB and 64GB of available memory offer a good compromise for people who frequently move moderate sized files between computers. If you need more storage than a USB Flash drive can provide, consider investing in an external hard drive with a capacity of 1TB or more. 

Portable Convenience

One of the big advantages of a USB drive is its portability. These pocket-size computer accessories put plenty of storage in your pocket, and many have integrated loops to attach the drive to a key chain or bag strap. Drives with caps or retractable heads keep the inner mechanisms protected during transport. Toss a USB flash drive into your school backpack or work briefcase to keep all of your important files with you throughout the day. To share or give away data that you don't need back, consider using blank media disks, such as CDs or DVDs, instead.

Creative USB Flash Drive Options

Data sharing doesn't have to be dull. Some USB flash drives let you show off your personality while you exchange files or store digital information. Look for colourful drives in your favourite shades, or move your photos, music and video files to a fun drive shaped like a fruit, animal, musical instrument or vehicle. Themed drives make great gifts, too, since they're both cute and functional. Gift a Star Wars fan a drive shaped like Darth Vader or present a cat lover with a drive that resembles their favorite furry friend. With so many fun themed USB drives to choose from, it's easy to find one for everyone from the sports fan to the food fanatic in your life.



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