Laptop Batteries, Chargers & Adapters


Laptop Batteries and Adapters for Computer Use

Adapters and laptop batteries turn your PC or notebook computer into a flexible entertainment or working station. While many of the accessories you need to use your computer likely come with it out of the box, that's not always true if you opt for a refurbished laptop. Plus, if you want to make the most of your equipment's extra entertainment features or ensure a longer working time as you travel with your device, springing for extra laptop batteries or accessories can be a good idea. Whether you're replacing a lost or broken part or just trying out new functions, Walmart Canada has the computer accessories you need.

Replenishing Your Power Supply

Laptop batteries don't always last as long as your computer does. They can slowly lose their ability to recharge fully over time, leaving you with less useful computing time between plugging into an outlet. If the staying power of your laptop battery is keeping you tied to a power outlet, it might be time to replace it. At Walmart Canada, you can find a variety of laptop batteries to replace or complement your existing power source. Make sure you match the battery with your computer manufacturer and model to ensure a proper fit. Some aftermarket batteries fit numerous laptops, which can be convenient if you work with multiple machines and want to have a flexible backup power source available. 

PC Accessories to Increase Computer Functionality

A fresh power supply isn't the only thing you might want for your PC or laptop. You may be able to replace other computer components to increase the functionality of your device. While you're shopping for a new laptop battery, consider an updated solid state drive to boost computing power or ensure quiet performance. On some laptops, you can swap out the internal hard drive to increase performance, and external hard drives offer a plug-and-play way to drive up storage capacity without taking your computer apart. 

Keeping Power Adapters and Other Peripherals Organized

On the outside of your computer, a wide range of adapters and peripherals help enhance gaming, internet use and work functions. Start by ensuring you have all the right cables to connect external storage, cell phones or cameras. Docking stations let you connect your laptop quickly to a video screen, keyboard, mouse and computer speakers, and VGA cables let you see the contents of your laptop screen on a larger monitor.

Using adapters and cables to connect external devices lets you customize the ergonomics of your work station and can improve work or gaming productivity. For example, a smaller laptop might be more portable, but it typically comes with a smaller keyboard that may not have a number pad. If you're engaging in spreadsheet data entry, plugging in a full-size keyboard can be a good idea. And whatever accessories and components get the job done, make sure you have a laptop backpack that offers extra pockets to keep you computer and peripherals organized and safe in a single place.






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