Maximize Your Efficiency with a Chromebook Laptop

Enjoy on-the-go computing with a Chromebook laptop that stores information in the cloud. These lightweight machines are designed for travel, so you can take them just about anywhere, and they're an affordable pared-down alternative to a traditional notebook computer. Browse Walmart Canada to find Google Chromebooks that suit your busy lifestyle.

Handy Laptops for Work and School

Portable, lightweight Google Chromebooks make it easy to get work done when you're on the go. Look for models with a long battery life to give you hours of active use without having to stop and recharge frequently. Models measuring 11 to 13 inches are compact enough for easy carrying, and versions weighing under 3 pounds help minimize bulk in your backpack or travel bag. For more room to work, you may want to choose larger laptops with 15-inch screens and bigger keyboards to comfortably accommodate larger hands. Rugged designs hold up well to daily use, and some models are built to resist impacts for additional durability.

Two-in-One Designs

Two-in-one Chromebook computers work as both a streamlined laptop and a tablet. Some feature screens that flip over on a 360 degree hinge to provide a flat tablet-like surface, while others have detachable screens that let you leave the keyboard behind while you watch videos or surf the Web. Many convertible models also let you bend the screen over to put the computer into a triangle configuration that makes watching movies or shows easier. Search for a computer with a high-definition screen featuring at least 1080p resolution if you plan on watching lots of video content, since this provides crisp, clear images.

Convenient Connectivity

Chromebooks keep most data stored in the cloud instead of on the machine itself, so they work best with a reliable Internet connection. Instead of running on Microsoft Windows, they use the Google operating system. Web browsing is done through the Chrome browser, and you can download your favourite apps directly from the Google Play store.

Touchscreen models enable easy swiping and tapping, which can be especially useful if you spend a lot of time exploring the internet. Built-in webcams help you stay connected to friends and family using video calling and make it easy to create video blogs to upload directly to your social media feeds. Many of these computers also have SD card slots and USB ports, so you can connect external devices and expand the capabilities of your device.

Maximizing Your Multitasking

When you've got ten tabs open at once or want to stream a movie in the background while you work, you need a Chromebook with the power to handle lots of tasks simultaneously. Intel Celeron and Intel Core chips provide plenty of processing power for efficient multitasking. Internal storage is minimized on a Chromebook in favor of cloud-based storage, but solid-state and eMMC drives provide reliable, fast performance during everyday use.

Chromebook Accessories

Accessories help you get the most out of your Acer, HP or ASUS Chromebook computer. Replacement chargers and power adapters keep your device running if something happens to your original charger. Keep a few chargers handy to set up multiple charging stations at your home or office, so you can keep your computer fully powered without having to carry cords around. Consider a sturdy Chromebook case to protect your device from drops and bumps. Most Chromebooks can fit into a laptop case or protective sleeve for convenient transport.




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