Gaming Laptops for High-Performance, Portable Gameplay

For most avid gamers, the desktop PC is the first choice for intensive gameplay while engaged in combat with teammates. However, some gamers want something a bit more portable, and that's the advantage that gaming laptops offer. They provide powerful performance to play games in a size that you can take on the road with you, whether you're a road warrior looking to have some downtime in the evenings or a college student travelling to your friend's dorm.

What to Consider When Purchasing a Gaming Laptop

When buying a brand new gaming laptop from Walmart Canada, detailed specs and components matter, in addition to the keyboard size and the display resolution. Here are some other quick tips to remember when investing in a gaming laptop:

  • Make sure you get a good GPU. Most PC games depend on a great graphics card and processor, and keep in mind you can't update it in these gaming laptops.
  • Leave room for other upgrades. Many gaming laptops, although not all of them, let you upgrade RAM and storage space if needed down the road.
  • Decide whether resolution or speed is most important to you. These days, the fastest 144Hz displays max out at a 1920 x 1080 resolution, which, while still impressive-looking, isn't 4K. The disadvantage of 4K is that it tends to be slower.
  • Invest in a reliable keyboard. Make sure you like the type of keyboard it has, and decide whether you want a full-size one with a number pad or just a standard version. Make sure it feels comfortable and that the keys don't feel mushy or stiff.
  • Battery life may not be impressive. These types of machines are built with powerful GPUs, processors and displays, so prepare to be plugged in most of the time while you play, which you'd probably want to do anyway to get the best performance.


Gaming laptops like the Acer Predator or HP Omen come with powerful NVIDIA GPUs, which let you play your favourite titles on the highest settings. It also helps ensure that gameplay is smooth, not stilted, and that the resolution looks colourful and crisp.

Gaming Laptop Processors and RAM

While graphics are definitely important, choosing a powerful CPU such as the Intel Core i7 processor is also crucial. The CPU can be thought of as the brain of your computer, so the faster it can run, the more responsive your gameplay experience tends to be.

RAM is another important consideration when shopping for a gaming laptop. Your laptop's RAM dictates how much it's capable of multitasking. RAM capacities in this category start at 8GB and go up to 16GB or 32GB. In general, the more RAM you have, the more you can do at once. You can be playing your game while another program records it in the background for your YouTube channel without missing a beat. You can even have multiple browser tabs open to look up game tutorials and be chatting with other gamers via audio without worrying about lag, delay or stutter. Keep in mind, too, that memory is one of those components that you can upgrade later if you need to.

Hard Drive Space

The size of your gaming laptop's hard drive determines how much storage you have, which is useful if you plan on building an entire library of games. Look for machines with a 1TB HDD that offer a large amount of storage space, such as those from MSI.

Some machines may have another hard drive, typically a solid-state drive, which usually stores the Windows 10 Home operating system and allows for fast boot times. Since SSDs have no moving parts, they can read and write data much faster than traditional hard drives. The trade-off is that they tend to have less space on them. Many models have a 256GB SSD, but they higher capacities may be available depending on the model.

Gaming Accessories

While you're busy selecting a gaming laptop with blazing speed, don't forget to add on essential accessories to enhance your experience. Many players like to use an external wired or wireless mouse, as it typically offers more control and precise movement over a traditional trackpad. Pair your new laser or optical mouse with a mouse pad for making swift, accurate movements.

If you prefer to use anexternal keyboard, you can do that too — those optimized for gaming might have colourful LED lights for exciting gameplay in the dark and typically include several programmable keys, so you can save frequently used successive keystrokes.

Get ready for powerful, portable gaming experiences when you shop for fast gaming laptops at Walmart Canada.




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