Laptops Bags, Cases & Sleeves


Laptop Bags for Work, School and Travel

Protect your portable computer during transport with a laptop bag. Whether you're traveling between home and work or going on an international business trip, laptop cases keep your computer safe from drops, bumps and scratches. Find laptop bags, sleeves and cases to fit your notebook computer or Chromebook at Walmart Canada, and safeguard your device from damage.

Everyday Cases to Keep Your Computer Handy

Bring your laptop anywhere with a laptop case designed for frequent use. Briefcase-style laptop bags provide a padded interior space for your computer and plenty of pockets for your laptop accessories and personal items. Carrying handles help you keep a secure grip on your bag, and an adjustable strap provides a comfortable way to carry the case on your shoulder. Waterproof laptop bags keep your device safe from stray splashes or unexpected rain storms. Some laptop bags for women and men come in fun colours or patterns so you can show off your personal style. Check the size of the internal compartment to determine the right size bag for your laptop, since some are designed to fit 10 or 13 inch devices, while others are made for 15 or 17-inch computers.

Laptop Bags for International Travel

Long-distance travel often involves a trip through a security checkpoint, and some laptop bags are designed to make that process as easy as possible. A compartment that allows x-ray security equipment to clearly image your laptop inside the bag might give officials a clear enough view that you can send the bag through security without pulling out your computer for hand inspection. Other features designed to simplify travel include external pockets that keep travel documents close at hand and wheels to let you maneuver easily through the airport. If you're traveling with a smaller laptop or Chromebook, a messenger bag with a padded compartment might be a good option.

Protective Laptop Sleeves for Lightweight Convenience

Laptop sleeves slip over your computer to provide a soft, protective cushion around the device. They're slim enough to fit easily into a school backpack or travel bag, or you can simply slide your laptop into one for extra protection as you move between offices or around your home. Neoprene and fabric sleeves with zippers or fold-over edges help keep out dust and debris, while snap-on hard shells offer extra protection against shock. Form-fitting leather laptop sleeves give your device a professional look while offering reliable protection from moisture, dirt and scratches. Look for a sleeve with a self-healing zipper to easily realign the edges if overpacking or excessive tugging causes the bag to pull open. 

Backpacks to Carry Computers and Devices

Laptop backpacks give you a comfortable way to carry your computer and other devices along with essential books or paperwork. Travelers and students often appreciate the convenience of a spacious backpack, and tech-friendly features add extra functionality.

Some models have a separate dedicated compartment for your tablet and a pocket for your smart phone to ensure protection for all of your essential electronics. Mesh backs and padded shoulder straps enhance your comfort during long treks across campus or rides on the subway, while stretchy side pockets let you bring along a water bottle.

Backpacks with top access let you pull out your device without removing anything else, and a combination of interior and exterior pockets and sections help you organize all of your computer accessories evenly for efficient weight distribution in the bag. Wheeled backpacks combine the comfort of a backpack with the rolling ability of a spinner suitcase for added versatility when you're walking long distances.




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