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Lift Your Computer Off Your Lap With a Laptop Stand

Laptop computers have brought amazing mobility to the workplace. These light, portable machines let you work at a park, in bed or even at your local coffee shop. But their portability can make them a poor ergonomic choice. Laptop stands can help make laptops easier to use, whether you’re writing your novel, watching a movie or playing your favourite game.

Create a Comfortable Workplace

Laptop stands are primarily used to make you more comfortable when working on a laptop. Stands with adjustable height let you raise the screen to a point where you can see it without bending your neck too much. If you use your laptop with an external monitor, this can be lifted off your desk while your keyboard is at a comfortable position. Likewise, if you have a separate mouse and keyboard, a stand can adjust the laptop screen for comfortable viewing and allow you to place the keyboard below.

Many laptop stands also keep your desk clutter-free. There are spaces underneath them to keep cords or tuck away a wireless mouse or keyboard when not in use. When you’re designing your ergonomic office, also consider things like foot rests, wrist rests and an ergonomic mouse or keyboard.

Boost Productivity

A comfortable workplace has benefits for your productivity as well. Many laptop stands can double as a sit-stand desk. If you’re planning to try a standing desk, an anti-fatigue mat helps keep your feet and legs fresh.

As the laptop stand also holds your machine above your desk, it can also help keep the laptop cool. Like laptop cooling pads, certain stands help stop laptops from overheating, keeping your computer working at optimal performance.

Assist With Work and Play

As well as boosting productivity, some laptop stands have additional shelves to hold a keyboard or printer, keeping important equipment close. Others have space for an additional screen or a tablet. These are great for people recording videos as a script can be held on one screen while your laptop camera records.

Laptop holders are also great for play. You can find flexible designs that hold your laptop in bed or even allow you to work while lying down. They can also be used to hold a recipe while you’re cooking or a tablet while you watch a movie. 

What to Look for in a Laptop Stand

When you’re ready to buy a laptop stand, think about how you use your computer. If you regularly take your laptop around town with you, you’ll want something light and portable that easily fits in your bag. If you almost exclusively work at a desk, you can look at something heavier that gives you more options, such as a sit-stand desk.

There are also stands designed to fit over a bed or couch if that’s where you primarily use your laptop. Others can be mounted onto a desk or table, which is helpful for people with limited desk space, and it lets your computer be moved completely out of the way when you need to spread work out. Look for durable materials, and always make sure the stand you choose is large enough to support the size and weight of your machine.






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