To the Jungle or the Office: Outfitting Your Ultrabook for Lightweight Mobility

To make life easier, an ultrabook combines a lighter weight than similar laptops and faster boot times. You can purchase accessories and gear to make your lightweight laptop what you need at home and on the road. It's just right for photography sessions, lightweight travel, carrying to school and quickly looking up a recipe at home. Ultrabooks are high-end, low-power laptops that run for at least five hours on a charge and meet other Intel specifications, one of which is either solid state or hybrid storage for fast boot-up.

Bring Only What You Need

With the right tools to supplement the basic system, your ultrabook can be what you need it to be, but you can leave what you don't need at home. It may include Intel UHD Graphics 620, which provides excellent low-power visual performance, or higher performance hardware and a quad core Intel Core i7 processor for high horsepower in a low-weight package. Anultrabook's high performance and high build quality make it a great go-everywhere companion.

Add-On Optical Media

The thin and light ultrabook lets you travel simply and expand your options on demand. While you may not need one on the road, it could be handy when you're home to have a DVD drivefor watching movies and creating your own media and backups. Multicore processors such as the Intel i7 can give you the power to edit your own video, then record it on your external DVD.

External Storage Systems

As with most laptops, you can start with a strong processor and add capacity in other areas as needed. This is especially true for systems with pure-SSD storage. Supplement the internal solid-state drive with USB-based storage such as thumb drives or external hard drives, or use shared network-based storage.

Custom Laptop Cases and Sleeves

Protection for your lightweight laptop when you're in transit should also be light. There are laptop bags and sleeves for most screen sizes and form factors. The Microsoft Surface laptop, a versatile variation on the ultrabook style, has its own cases to accommodate the detachable keyboard. The sleeve provides attractive, basic protection from everyday encounters at a minimum weight while bags and cases are available to match your specific transport needs. Include your power cord, DVD drive, USB memory and cleaning supplies in one ready-to-go unit.

Ultrabook Memory Upgrades

If you find that you need a bit more memory for some applications or a larger solid-state drive for your AsusZenbook, Lenovo Ideapad or flexible touchscreen Lenovo Yoga, check the specs and add it. Most systems accept additional memory if you require it in the future, while keeping power usage low right now with a minimum configuration.

Mobile Internet Access

Since your ultrabook portable laptop is easy to transport to remote locations, it makes sense to bring along a Wi-Fi hotspot for fast internet access where you need it. These devices connect to mobile phone data networks and provide Wi-Fi internet connections for several devices. You can also use them for your other internet-ready devices such as tablets and cameras. Hotspot technology usually provides both internet access and inter-device networking so that you can create a local network and copy pictures to your ultrabook, edit them and then upload them to the internet cloud storage of your choice.




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