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Expand Your System With Computer Network Accessories

No matter how advanced your computer is alone, it only gets more powerful when it joins a computer network with other terminals and devices. Adding multiple stations to your office or home wireless network expands what you can do from any point in the coverage area. Upload and download files, print finished copies from an all-in-one on the other side of the office, or share works in progress with the whole team. Good computer networking equipment makes it easy. 

Benefits of Computer Networking

There's no end to the benefits of networking your office computers. Not only can multiple stations work together, either in creative work or to access a common system, but each terminal can share a small number of extensions instead of having redundant equipment for each person's desk. 

Wireless Networks for the Office

Office environments are some of the first places you think of when you imagine the advantages of computer networks. By connecting each computer with a common network, employees become much more productive through the ability to easily work together on projects. Networks become more effective the more wireless devices get connected to them, so even a medium-sized company can start to benefit from economies of scale. Other advantages of a good network include:

  • Real-time coordination between company divisions
  • Flexibility in where employees sit since everyone uses essentially the same systems and devices
  • Much easier supervision and monitoring by management since communications and transactions all take place on a network with administrator access

Wireless Routers for Home Networking

The benefits of a computer network aren't limited to workplace environments. Your home can get a lot smarter if you have wireless communications between your personal devices. Computer accessories that can typically be connected to each other over a home local area network (LAN) include:

Things to Do While You're Connected to the Network

Linking together devices on a wireless computer network lets you do more than get work done at the office. With the spread of ad hoc networks and wireless connections in all sorts of devices, more and more of the things people use are starting to get connected. A robust home wireless system with the bandwidth to handle multiple devices is one of the easiest ways to take advantage of the new technology that's finding its way into smart homes and public spaces. By connecting wirelessly, you can:

  • Control the climate in your home through a digital thermostat, which saves energy and gives you precise control over conditions in every room.
  • Monitor your property through networked security cameras that feed back to your smartphone, giving you early warning of break-ins and fires
  • Control the lights in every room while you're away from home, switching them off to save power or on to simulate people in the house when it's empty
  • Snap pictures and video on your camera or phone, then seamlessly upload them to social media or the cloud directly from your handheld device, without plugging into your computer
  • Stream video and music from websites without keeping a large media library on space-limited devices like your smartphone
  • Monitor and report from medical equipment, such as a respirator, CPAP machine or heart monitor, directly to your doctor's office

As technology improves and more devices get wireless connections, the potential to connect the electronics in your house only increases. 

Computer Network Devices to Try Out

To get the advantages of seamless computer networking, you need to have a solid wireless access point for your home or place of business. Wireless routers are the backbone of that system. Walmart Canada has a wide selection of these powerful devices at affordable prices. Once your basic wireless system is in place, you can boost its power with wireless adapters and a few plug-in signal boosters, which between them can nearly eliminate Wi-Fi dead spots and ensure smart coverage over your whole property. This extends the range and effectiveness of your enterprise or at-home computer network, allowing you to get more done remotely than ever before.





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