PC Gaming Controllers & Joysticks

Joysticks and Controllers for Immersive Gaming

Gaming controllers and joysticks are necessary tools for playing your favourite console and PC games. Additional controllers let you play games with friends and can act as backups in case your main one breaks in the middle of playing. Some choices even include cool elements that add realism to your experience. Find everything you need, from joysticks and gaming controllers to other accessories at Walmart Canada.

Using Joysticks to Play Games 

Joysticks have come a long way from their early days as close companions for many PC games. Today's joysticks can be sold as stand-alone units, great for virtually flying airplanes or helicopters and making precise landings, and some are integrated into modern video game controllers as dual analog sticks, which are meant to be controlled by your thumb during gameplay.

Purchase replacement analog sticks to replace existing ones on well-used gaming controllers. Choose ones with a smooth surface for comfort or versions with a textured grip for improved control.

Flight Sticks

The ergonomic design of flight sticks is preferred by many gamers who enjoy playing flight simulators. Look for Hands-On Throttle and Stick (HOTAS) models from brands such as Thrustmaster that closely mimic the real thing from a cockpit. Integrated action buttons let you precisely control the plane or fire away at nearby enemies.

Video Game Controllers

Choosing a video game controller is relatively easy once you narrow down its purpose. Even though Xbox controllers look similar to ones for the PS4, for example, they're proprietary and not interchangeable between consoles. 

However, you can use an Xbox controller with a PC if it has a USB connector, as most video game controllers do. This allows for easy plug and play capability, as there's typically no need to install new software or drivers to make your controller function.

Shop for video game controllers with built-in stereo 3.5mm jacks that let you plug in a compatible headset for clear in-game communication. Some products feature custom button mapping, so you can program frequently used movements or sequences — similar to macro keys on a gaming keyboard.

Wireless or Wired?

At Walmart Canada, you can find a wide variety of wired and wireless video game controllers for your console or PC. Many gamer enthusiasts prefer wired controllers, as they claim these options solve any potential latency problems that might arise with wireless versions.

However, wireless controllers offer the benefit of leaving you untethered, so you can sit comfortably across the room while playing and keep your living room clutter-free. There's also battery life to consider when you choose wireless controllers. Some models may require replacing batteries, such as AA or AAA, from time to time, while others rely on Bluetooth technology and recharge with an included USB cable.

DIY Arcade

If you're the ambitious type and knowledgeable about electronics, you may be interested in building your own vintage arcade machine. It's certainly possible thanks to numerous kits available at Walmart Canada that include multiple arcade parts. Shop for those that come with colourful buttons, wiring, joysticks and encoder boards.

Replacement Parts and Accessories

To add more realism to your gaming experience, add steering wheels, flight rudder pedals or a full autopilot LED display. Whatever accessories you choose, make sure they're compatible with your computer or gaming console. For playing your favourite PC games, don't forget to add PC gaming accessories, such as a mouse and keyboard as well as headsets.




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