PC Gaming Keyboards


Conquer Every Challenge with a Gaming Keyboard

Streamline your playing experience with a gaming keyboard specifically designed to handle vigorous activity and long play sessions. Whether you're practicing for an eSports tournament or working with a group of friends on a multiplayer challenge, mechanical keyboards from Walmart Canada deliver the responsiveness and speed you need to optimize your gameplay.

Mechanical Key Performance

If your keyboard priorities include precision timing and reliable performance under heavy-use conditions, mechanical gaming keyboards are your best bet. An individual mechanical switch under each key, similar to the design of an old-fashioned typewriter, gives you plenty of physical feedback with each stroke, so you know for certain that the key you pressed triggered the action you wanted. Cherry MX switches offer reliable mechanical performance, and they're ranked into colour categories so you can choose the type that suits your needs. A Cherry MX Red mechanical keyboard is quieter than other types, so it's a good choice if you're sharing your gaming space with family members or roommates. Blue keyboards are the loudest because they offer the most mechanical resistance, so you get strong resistance in exchange for creating clacking sounds every time you play. Brown key switches are in between the Blue and Red standards, so you get moderate resistance and medium-level noise when you press down on a key.

Brilliant Backlighting

Backlit gaming keyboards with LED lighting built in make it easier to spot specific keys in the dark. Light-up keys also add visual flair to your gaming keyboard, and customizable lighting lets you program specific colour combinations and lighting effects. Keys that turn on and off as you press them create a dramatic light show while you play. Single-colour keyboards let you create a cohesive look throughout your gaming setup because you can match the specific hue to the colour of your headset, gaming mouse or other PC gaming accessories. Look for a keyboard with a long keystroke lifespan to ensure reliable performance over months and years of active gaming.

Comfortable Gaming Keyboard Configurations

All-purpose gaming keyboards let you easily switch from playing a first person shooter to completing a work report. The keys are arranged in a standard configuration for familiarity, and some have a numeric keypad on the right side for easy access to calculating functions. Models with extra levels of macro keys let you program specific sequences, so you can make on-screen characters perform a series of actions with a single tap of a key. You can also use a programmable keyboard to set up specific in-game responses when you hold down a specific set of regular keys at the same time. Some keyboards also have an attached wrist guard to keep you comfortable during long gaming sessions. If you're short on space or want to travel with your gaming keyboard but still need full functionality, a tenkeyless keyboard might be just the right fit. These models eliminate the numerical keypad and arrange the keys in a compact configuration for easy handling. USB connectivity makes it easy to sync your keyboard with a desktop computer for real-time responsiveness.

One-Handed Keyboards for Gaming

Make the most of a small gaming space with one-handed keyboards that work with your dedicated gaming computer. Because they don't contain all of the keys on a standard keyboard, these game accessories aren't intended for typing use. Instead, they let you program a specific set of keys to operate with one hand while you use the other hand to maneuver through the game world using a paired gaming mouse.




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