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Conquer the Competition with a Gaming Mouse Built for Performance

If you're a diehard gamer, a gaming mouse is an essential component to your arsenal. Whether you're playing old-school games like Diablo II, a game where your success depends on you making accurate clicks on the enemy, or patrolling German fields in Call of Duty: WWII, a gaming mouse and accompanying gaming mouse pad can make all the difference in your victory or defeat.

What Makes a Gaming Mouse Different?

A gaming mouse is essentially an ordinary desktop mouse in that it has many of the same components: a scrolling wheel, left and right mouse buttons and an optical or laser sensor.

What sets a gaming mouse apart, though, is that it usually has specialized functions built into it that gaming enthusiasts find useful. These may include programmable buttons (similar to macro keys on a gaming keyboard), higher sensitivity, potentially faster response times and adjustable weight.

Programmable Buttons

Some models, such as those from Logitech, have multiple customizable buttons situated along the side of the mouse's body. These allow you to access them quickly with your thumb as you play, executing quick commands that might normally require several keystrokes.

Some of these buttons may also allow you to make dpi adjustments on the fly to temporarily increase its sensitivity during particularly heated battles.

Weight Tuning

Some models of high-performance gaming mice include options for adjusting their weight, so you can make them feel lighter in your hand depending on your needs. A lighter gaming mouse may let you navigate more quickly, offering you an advantage against your opponents.

RGB Light Effects

Choose a gaming mouse with fun RGB lighting that matches your keyboard and adds a fun finishing touch to your surroundings, especially when you're playing in the dark. Illuminating mice, such as those from blackweb, shine colours through the mouse body and sometimes change hues with pulsating effects.

Ergonomic Designs

One of the most crucial features of a gaming mouse is its ergonomic construction. Mice are designed to fit comfortably in your hand thanks to their rounded bodies and precisely curved shapes. Make sure the gaming mouse you choose keeps your hand and wrist comfortable. Adding a wrist rest to your setup can help reduce strain while improving overall comfort.

Gaming Mouse Pads

While you're shopping for the wireless or wired gaming mouse you prefer, don't forget to throw in a mouse pad to go with it. Walmart Canada carries an enormous variety of options. Select oversized formats, such as those from Cougar, that provide virtually unlimited real estate for your gaming mouse and keyboard.

Mouse pads can vary widely in terms of surface texture. Some made of cloth or neoprene feel soft to the touch and may provide improved grip, while others are constructed from durable polycarbonate materials, like choices from Razer, to minimize friction. Every gamer has their preference for mouse pad texture to achieve improved speed, accuracy and pinpoint navigation.

Many gaming mouse pads are larger than typical desktop mouse pads for more useable space for your mouse to move as you play. Plenty of room means you won't have to lift your mouse to make multiple movements, and can instead make long, sweeping movements to save precious time.

Mouse Combinations

As you browse, look for offerings that include both a mouse and mouse pad, such as those from GAMDIAS that help you save some money by purchasing both together. Other choices may come with a keyboard and mouse that have matching programmable RGB lighting effects.

Find the ideal gaming mouse, accessories and other essentials for enjoying your favourite AAA titles when you shop online at Walmart.ca.




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