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3D Printers for Sale & 3D Printer Ink Cartridges

Shopping for 3D printers in Canada? Bring your ideas to reality with 3D printers now online at Walmart.ca! Compact and ready for use at home, today’s 3D printers have new consumers in mind with easy-to-follow steps to go from conception to production, with integrated mobile applications that let you design on-the-go. Inspiration is everywhere – take your studio wherever you go!

Print your ideas using different 3D printer ink and materials for custom prints and renderings. Looking for a unique gift? Why not make it yourself?

With different 3D printer inks in the market, you can print a gift as special as its recipient! Are you new to 3D printing and need ideas? Browse through the 3D printers for sale that are available on Walmart.ca and the resource centre. You can print toys, missing parts for a gadget, home décor items like vases, sculptures – you make the call! Change up play time and start making objects that your little one wants for their room. Not only is it a great way for family bonding, it’s a great way to stimulate and encourage their creativity. Take their entertainment to a new engaging and interactive level which means a new level of fun and excitement.




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