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Printers and Scanners

Whether it's a favourite recipe, a family picture or another type of document, it can be helpful to have a printer and scanner at home so you can do it yourself and skip a visit to the print shop. And if you have a home office or a small business, there is no question that a multifunction printer is needed. We may live in a digital world, but there are still times when a hard copy is required. Fortunately, you can find great deals on both at Walmart Canada. From budget models you only need to use occasionally, to professional models that hold up to heavy use in an office setting, we have options that are tailor-made to suit your specific needs.

Inkjet Printers

Inkjet printers offer a lot of advantages that are worth considering if you are in the market for a printer. Modern inkjet models can deliver some exceptional quality not only when printing documents, but printing photos as well. The ink cartridges are easy to find--especially when you shop at Walmart Canada--and are quite simple to replace. Unlike laser printers, inkjet printers do not need to warm up before you use them. Best of all, inkjet models are the kind you can get for a great price as the most affordable options out there use inkjets.

Laser Printers

While you can find numerous inkjet options here at Walmart Canada, we also offer some laser printers as well. There are advantages laser models offer that can make them a good choice for certain users. Laser printers can print high volumes of documents quickly and in good quality. They can also last for quite a while longer than their inkjet counterparts before they need to have their toner cartridges changed out. If you are printing a lot--like in an office setting--a laser printer might make more sense for you.

All in One--Print Scan Copy

The most popular choice for many is the all-in-one type printer - one that can print, scan and copy. Photo printing is often included in these models as well. You can save money and gain convenience by choosing an all-in-one model since you don't have to buy a printer and scanner separately. All-in-one options range from budget models to high-end models.


When you are looking at scanners, take a moment to think about what type of documents you will be scanning and how many. Some scanners are better for scanning printed documents, while others are better for scanning photos. The most robust models can scan just about anything and produce a stunning copy. It is best to pick your scanner based on what you will be scanning and how many documents you will scan. You will see that the less expensive models tend to scan more slowly. Make sure you choose one that will keep up with the rate of scanning you need to accomplish. As you can see, at Walmart Canada you can find all types of printers and scanners. The hard part is deciding which one you want. Consider what type of printing you need to do, how often, and your budget. Then pick the one that is right for you!



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