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Enhance Office Efficiency with an All in One Printer

Free up space in your work area with an all in one printer. With copier, scanner and fax capability built in, these machines let you complete essential tasks without requiring a room full of equipment. Printers from HP, Epson and Brother that also copy and scan save on maintenance costs and supplies, too. Whether you're operating out of a home office or outfitting your corporate headquarters, find multifunction printers to suit your space at Walmart Canada. 

Reliable Tabletop Inkjet Printers

Inkjet all in one printers provide the classic performance of a home desktop printer with additional functions, such as copying and faxing. Quick print speeds produce flyers, documents, pictures and creative projects in minutes. Models that accommodate papers of different sizes and thicknesses give you the option of pre-printing addresses on envelopes, making business cards at home, printing letters on standard printer paper and producing formal invitations on card stock paper. With a multifunction inkjet printer, you can scan images to include in printed materials, create multiple copies of the same page or print a copy of a fax you just sent.

All in One Laser Printers

A multifunction laser printer boosts productivity in a high-performance environment. These machines are typically designed to bulk black-and-white printing, making them ideal for producing office documents, legal paperwork and staff memos. Automatic document feeders, high-capacity input trays and fast monochrome printing let you set up large print jobs and walk away without having to monitor the machine throughout the process. Look for a large output tray to keep printed pages tidy until you're ready to retrieve them.

Quick Scanning and Copying

Scanning and copying beds built into the top of an all in one printer make it easy to capture images from books, large documents and oddly shaped clippings. Some models let you save scanned items for later printing or emailing, so you can create future copies without having to re-scan the original document. Because copies are created using the printer's ink cartridges or toner, there's no need for separate supplies. Models with an LCD display on the front provide easy access to scanning and copying functions, making operation simple.

Printers with Built-in Fax Machines

Eliminate the need for an independent fax machine with an all in one printer that has faxing capability built in. These printers let you send or receive faxes via email or a phone line, so you get plenty of versatility. A printer with a USB port lets you store items on a Flash drive for quick printing or faxing without a computer.

All in One Printers for Photo Printing

Whether you're copying old, retouched photographs of your great-grandparents or printing digital pictures from a recent vacation, a multifunction printer can produce images suitable for sharing or framing. High-resolution printing reproduces every detail in your original image, and photo ink cartridges deliver lifelike colour to your photographs.

Wireless Printing Capability

Connect your all in one printer to your home or office Wi-fi to send documents directly from your desktop computer, laptop, tablet or mobile phone. Connect your printer to the cloud to print documents no matter where you are. Simply upload pages to your cloud connected server from a laptop or mobile device when you're away from the office and have a printed copy waiting for you when you return.





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