Automating Your Home With Smart Home Devices

Smart Home products let you easily control numerous settings of your home electronic devices from a single point. These smart devices connect through your regular internet service provider, and you control them from central hubs. Smart home speakers rely on your voice commands for home automation functions like searching the internet, streaming audio or setting alarms and timers. Whether you want a voice-operated system or one that works with your smartphone, tablet or computer, this selection has the tools you need to create a comfortable, convenient setting that you can quickly change, whether you're across the room, working in town or visiting relatives across the country.

Smart Home Assistants, Controllers and Hubs

Smart home assistants give you access to computer functions or let you operate connected devices. Popular speaker-based smart home models for home automation include Google Home, which listens for your "OK, Google" command before performing the action you require. These smart home controllers work with Chromecast-enabled devices to streamline your home entertainment, and they work with compatible equipment, including Google-enabled thermostats and televisions. Smart hubs consolidate all your remote controls into a single device, allowing you to command everything from TVs and air conditioners to projectors and IR devices.

Smart Home Lighting Control

Smart home lighting control devices make it easier to manage your power costs by letting you illuminate your space or turn off the lights via your smartphone or tablet. Smart light bulbs such as the Phillips Hue work with dimmer switches for hassle-free adjustments, and some have various colors added to help you set a more relaxing tone in your space. Use a smart light bulb in your lamp, and then plug it into an iHome isP6 smart plug to start building your connected home. Alternatively, pair a Samsung SmartThings hub with multiple outlets to put all your home lighting on a schedule to reduce the need for manual operation. These devices work with more than just lighting for extra convenience and easy scalability.

Smart Home Heating and Cooling

Smart home heating and cooling options like this Honeywell Lyric T5 smart thermostat help you keep your interior climate well controlled. Small heaters with Wi-Fi connectivity from brands such as LifeSmart connect easily with smart hubs and controllers to add a little extra heat to your space before you get home from work, while smart attic fans help regulate the temperature of unused spaces to reduce energy consumption from heating and cooling.

Smart Home Security, Surveillance and Access

Smart home security options include door locks and security cameras that work with security systems to keep you, your family and your possessions safe and sound. Pair a night vision-enabled Defender wireless security system with extra surveillance cameras to monitor all the activity around your home and business, and access the footage from anywhere on your tablet or smartphone. Cameras that activate when someone goes onto your porch let you see who's there before opening the door and help prevent package theft when you're expecting deliveries.

Smart Health and Fitness

Smart home products don't just help out around the house, they also help you stay on top of your health and fitness levels. Wearable tech that keeps track of your heart rate and steps walked syncs with your other devices to give you comprehensive reports, while smart scales use Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or ANT technology to sync your daily stats with exercise apps to help you better plan your daily activities. Wireless smart health monitors work great for those recovering from illnesses or undergoing physical therapy. Use one or more of these smart health and fitness devices to take charge of your overall well-being and track your progress on your smartphone, tablet or computer.

Smart Alarms, Detectors and Sensors

Smart home devices such as alarms, detectors and sensors add an extra layer of safety for your family. These devices include smart fire and carbon monoxide alarms like the Nest Protect that alert your phone when issues arise. For added garage security, garage door sensors alert you when the door opens and allows for manual operation if needed. This selection also includes a variety of motion sensors that alert you to activity around your home's perimeter, and some feature alarm functions that warn off potential problems. Smart air pressure and humidity sensors provide even more control of comfort levels inside your connected home. They do this by letting you offset changes by using your heating and cooling system or turning on dehumidifiers connected to compatible smart devices.

Whether you're just looking to automate a few lights in your home or you want to turn your entire house into a Smart hub, you can find everything you need at Walmart Canada.

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