Smart Home Temperature Controls & Monitors


It's Smart to Integrate a Wireless Thermostat with Your Home's Systems

The invention of timer-based thermostats gave homeowners a taste of control over their heating and cooling systems when they were asleep or out of the house. They could choose certain temperatures for certain times and know that the thermostat would take care of everything. Wireless thermostats take that convenience much further by connecting with mobile apps and smart home systems that provide greater flexibility and control. They also support more advanced temperature management based on other factors beyond the thermostat's awareness. This technology allows the system to respond when people return home, when lights are turned on or when motion around the house is detected. If people will be home for longer periods or relaxing, it can provide different comfort settings than it would during brief visits. A wireless Wi-Fi thermostat doesn't only add convenience and flexibility; it helps manage energy costs as well.

Smart Homes Integrate Your Wireless Thermostat with Other Sensors

Basic programmable thermostats let you manage the temperature and control your energy costs, which helps you balance your comfort and your bank book. When you're away from home, you don't need heating or cooling except at baseline levels. Smart thermostats take environmental control a step further by combining information about your home's air temperature with feedback about whether spaces are occupied. When your HVAC system isn't heating and cooling unoccupied rooms, it can save you money on energy. The secret is smart home motion sensors that work with a wireless thermostat to provide more data and to control your home more intelligently. This lets you go beyond what most digital thermostats offer with their basic daily cycles and weekly schedules.

Combine a Wi-Fi Thermostat and Portable Cooling with Wireless Control

Even if your home only has a central heating system, you can use a wireless thermostat to coordinate your heating, and with individual room sensors, you can manage portable Wi-Fi air conditioners in your main living areas, such as a bedroom or nursery. Other localized devices provide heating, cooling, ventilation and window shading all under Wi-Fi control. Many of them are easy to install and program yourself. Speaking of installation, most smart thermostats require a C-wire or common wire power source, so if your home doesn't have one, you will need to update the thermostat wiring or choose a battery-powered model.

Use a Smartphone App or a Smart Speaker to Control Your HVAC Systems

You can remotely access your heating and cooling systems, view usage reporting dashboards and change thermostat settings using a smartphone app. It works wherever your phone does. You can turn off the heat at your mountain cabin without driving back or adjust the air conditioning in your house while you're visiting friends in Europe. When you're home, smart speaker technology lets you use voice commands to control your smart home, check its operation or make temporary changes for guests. More sophisticated systems can be programmed to consider the outside temperature, weather forecasts, the state of the automatic blinds and the number of people in the building, which gives you more control over the temperature, your comfort and your spending.

Basic Home Automation: Add Other Smart Devices Like Smart Outlets and Light Bulbs

If your interest in a wireless thermostat is leading you into a first-time smart home upgrade, two simple changes can complete your project and help you enjoy maximum smart home convenience with minimal effort. They are smart outlets, which let you control devices that are plugged in, and smart light bulbs, which give you a world of lighting possibilities. Some products even let you adjust the colour or dim the lights to set whatever mood you like. Smart home technology is about energy efficiency for many homeowners, but it can also improve your life with extensive security monitoring, access control and entertainment options.




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