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Surveillance Equipment for Peace of Mind in Your Home or Business

There's something to be said for Big Brother watching when it comes to the security of your home or business. And when Big Brother is actually you keeping tabs on your own property through surveillance equipment such as home security cameras, even better. From smart door locks to better bar your property against intruders to indoor and outdoor cameras that keep a watchful eye on your premises when you're away, you can find the surveillance and security equipment you need at Walmart Canada.

Surveillance Cameras for Home Security

Security camera systems are a great addition to your home for a number of reasons. When you place cameras on the exterior of your property, simply the knowledge that someone is watching can keep unwanted and illicit visitors at bay. And if something does occur, surveillance systems capture it all on camera to help authorities deal with the issue or prove to insurance companies exactly what happened.

When you're looking for home security cameras, you have a variety of factors to consider, including:

  • Location. Cameras are typically designed for only indoor use or indoor/outdoor use. If you purchase indoor-only cameras, they likely won't hold up to the weather and elements in exterior environments like outdoor security cameras will.
  • Motion Sensing. Cameras with built-in motion sensors start capturing footage only when they sense something nearby has moved. That cuts down on hours of unnecessary images and reduces the power draw of these cameras for lower overall operation costs. 
  • Night Vision. Cameras with night vision capabilities capture better images in the dark. Without this function, camera footage during late evening, night time and early morning hours may not be usable.
  • Wireless. Cameras that can connect to your network via a built-in Wi-Fi connection don't have to be wired to work. That cuts down on the complexity of installation and reduces cords or other connections that might call more attention to the tech or impact the look of your decor.
  • Integrations. If you're planning to integrate a camera into your home security network, ensure you're buying equipment that is compatible.
  • Mobile Control. One of the perks of a DIY home security system is the ability to view information from your mobile device. There's a peace of mind in being able to see your own living room or bedroom in real time when you're on vacation or busy at the office. Choose cameras and other equipment that allow control from mobile apps to ensure you have this access.

You can also get smart baby monitors to keep an eye on your child when you can't be in the room with them. Baby monitors can also be used for viewing children when you're at work and someone else is keeping them in your home.

Go-To Brands for Home Surveillance and Security

Smart home technology has made home security easier than ever to implement, and brands such as Swann and Nest provide numerous options that let you set up your own system. You can use something like a hub powered by Amazon Alexa or Google Home to manage your smart home and security measures or connect everything to a customized computer with network hardware from brands such as D-Link.

Whether you simply want to add a single camera outside of your front door or equip your entire home with surveillance equipment, Walmart Canada offers the DIY equipment to get the job done.




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