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Build Your Living Room with TVs and Entertainment Accessories

You've likely heard it said that the heart of the home is in the kitchen, but for many people, the centre of social gatherings and memorable events is the living room or home theatre. After all, this is where families enjoy watching home movies, weekly television shows or a favourite DVD or Blu-ray, which might make them laugh or shed a tear. Find everything you need to outfit your entertainment spaces at affordable prices, from TVs and speakers to projectors and video media players, all at Walmart Canada.

Start with a TV

Walmart Canada carries a vast selection of TVs, large and small, so you can find the ideal one that fits best in your space. If you want to create an immersive theatre-esque experience and space isn't an issue, shop for TVs with 70-inch diagonals or more.

For cozier living rooms, opt for something middle-of-the-road in the 50-inch or 40-inch range that provides plenty of screen area but doesn't feel like it's overtaking the entire room.

TVs from Walmart Canada are available from famous brands you're familiar with, including LG, Samsung and RCA. Each manufacturer has its own built-in proprietary technologies that contribute towards delivering crisp, colourful picture quality in 4K Ultra or Full HD.

Many modern televisions are categorized as Smart TVs, which means they have integrated internet features and apps, such as those that let you stream from movie and show subscription services like Netflix and CraveTV. These types of TVs normally come with a built-in Ethernet port and sometimes Wi-Fi.

Add Speakers

Even if your TV has built-in speakers, it's a good idea to invest in some external speakers to enhance your viewing experience. Home audio speakers help amplify the audio and let you hear nuances, including vocals, bass or background noise, that you might not otherwise hear in smaller TV speakers.

Shop for home audio speakers in pairs, trios or complete speaker sets that may include a subwoofer for producing a rumbling dinosaur's approach or explosion in a historical war documentary.

For creating a compact setup, you might consider a sound bar. These sleek speakers are made to fit at the front of your television and typically run the width of it. Some models can mount on the wall, while others are usually placed standalone on your entertainment console. Many sound bars also have Bluetooth capability for streaming music from your smartphone or iPod when the mood for an impromptu dance party strikes.

Seating Choices

If you've just moved to a new place and need some furniture, or you're updating your current living room setup, don't forget to browse Walmart Canada's collection of recliners for sitting comfortably while you relax.

For entertaining guests or keeping the whole family comfortable, adding a sofa or futon can help make sure everyone has a clear view of the TV while staying cozy among the cushions. Toss on a matching blanket or throw for chilly nights or when horror movies get to be a little too scary, and you just can't watch.

Wall Mount or TV Stand?

A wall mount or an entertainment console is necessary to securely hold your brand new TV and peripherals, like media players or video game consoles.

When selecting a wall mount, remember that they're all VESA compatible, so they're designed to work with all types of TVs. Just make sure it's sized right for your television so it can support its weight.

Shop for entertainment units that match your home's decor in a style you prefer, whether it's industrial black and metal or farmhouse-inspired barn doors. Look for models that have plenty of storage for keeping entertainment-related clutter at bay. Some are designed to fit in corners, while others can be used anywhere.

Home Audio Accessories

While you're busy setting up your new entertainment space, make sure to shop for all the necessary TV and video accessories you need to complete your setup, including remote controls, wall mounts, adapters and extra HDMI cables. And if you're planning on enjoying over-the-air channels, you can pick up a clean signal with a strong outdoor antenna that mounts to your roof.

When you shop for all your TV and video needs at Walmart Canada, you can create a functional, entertaining living room space without exceeding your budget.




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