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TV Accessories to Enhance Your Viewing

TV accessories improve your viewing experience. Universal remotes let you control all your home theater accessories, and audio cables of all sorts, including HDMI cables, make it easy to plug in your Blu-ray player and gaming consoles. Choose from a wide variety of TV mounts to enjoy optimal viewing angles as you binge-watch your favourite shows.

TV accessories such as TV mounts can make evenings watching your favourite shows more enjoyable. Tilting and full-motion wall mounts are ideal when you want the option of seeing the screen from different angles in your bedroom, theater room or on your back patio, and wall mounts with swivel arms allow easy viewing of multiple computer monitors for large video editing projects. Speaker mounting lets you enjoy premium sound for a true home theater experience.

Cables and Connectors

Set up your home theater accessories with the right TV cables, including digital video cables, Wi-Fi antenna cables, high-performance digital audio cables and CCTV cables. Coaxial cables are just what you need to connect your TV to your cable or satellite service, and they come with the required connectors already attached for your convenience. HDMI cables let you connect your laptop directly to your TV screen for convenient streaming with no need for bulky converters or dongles, and Walmart Canada also carries all the HDMI conversion cables you need, including HDMI-to-RCA and HDMI-to-VGA adapters and cables, as well as HDMI splitters. TV accessories like cable raceways and floor covers help you minimize cable clutter, and surge protectors provide a layer of safety for your electronics in the event of a power outage.

Remote Controls

Keep your place on the sofa warm with the right remote controls to help you manage your big-screen TV, Blu-ray player and other viewing essentials. Universal remotes are easy to use with your LED HD smart TV, and have all the function keys you need, including channel switching, PIP and input control. 


TV antennas are an ideal way to capture broadcast TV shows without having to pay a cable or satellite company a monthly fee. Check out outdoor digital TV antennas that provide excellent reception, including crystal-clear broadcast HD signals and VHF and UHF frequencies. These antennas mount easily on walls or poles, and they're compatible with your TV, computer and DVR for versatile use. Indoor TV antennas are an excellent choice when you're not able to mount an antenna on a roof or balcony. Signal boosting capabilities ensure you're getting the best reception possible, and you can add an antenna signal amplifier to improve the signal even more.

Converter Boxes and Accessories

Digital converter boxes capture digital over-the-air TV signals and convert them to analogue for viewing on an older TV. Look for composite video and audio converters and adapters when you want to play older media, such as VHS tapes via an HDMI connection. At Walmart Canada, you can find every type of adapter or converter you need to connect your various components together.

Your 3D TV takes you into a new dimension when you're viewing or gaming, and 3D glasses and accessories can enhance that experience. Choose 3D passive glasses for a hassle-free time with no need to make sure batteries are charged or opt for 3D active shutter glasses with high-speed liquid crystal lenses for when you need to accommodate a long viewing distance.




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