HDMI Cables

Watch Content in High-Def with HDMI Cables

Whether you're planning a DVD or Blu-ray marathon or want to connect your computer monitor to other components, HDMI cables are a must for your home theatre set-up or laptop bag. They're the only way to get high def picture and sound through a single cable, and the majority of modern audio/video equipment requires them to function. Find your next HDMI cord or cable set at Walmart Canada so you can enjoy visual content more. 

What Are HDMI Cables?

HDMI stands for high-definition multimedia interface. It's required for use of much of today's home theatre and video equipment because of copy protection, and it's the only high-speed data cable capable of transferring 4K information. 

Choosing the Right HDMI Cord

There are varying degrees of HDMI cable quality that can impact the results you achieve on screen. For example, 4K content requires a high-speed HDMI cable. Look for HDMI cables that are rated HDCP 2.0 or higher if you're looking for this type of resolution or want to connect 4K-capable streaming devices, UHD Blu-ray players or computers with 4K video cards.

Any standard HDMI cable will work for small televisions or those that only support 720 or 1080 resolution. They're also good for connecting DVD or Blu-ray players that only output up to 1080p.

The same quality concerns relate to pairing HDMI devices with gaming consoles. If your gaming console and television both support 4K, then you want a cable that does as well or you won't get the best picture quality possible.

Better quality cables don't just transfer higher-speed data. They also tend to be more rugged, last longer and can have better picture and sound quality even at the given resolution. 

After quality, length is the next concern when purchasing HDMI cables. Choose the shortest length cable needed without requiring stretching, as HDMI becomes more volatile with very long lengths of cable.

Other Considerations When Buying HDMI Cables

Audio return channel (ARC) functionality is necessary when you're using a TV's tuner or streaming capabilities and you want the sound from your television to flow back to your surround sound system or audio receiver. Most new HDMI products do support this functionality as long as your television has the proper inputs and outputs.

Upgrade all HDMI Cables for Best Performance

If you're browsing the Walmart Canada selection of cables to set up a single new connection in your home entertainment system, consider using that as an opportunity to refresh and upgrade all your older cables. That ensures compatibility with your newer products and, in some cases, can improve the performance of you old products.

Options for HDMI Connectors

When you want to connect an older component, such as a computer monitor or projector, that doesn't have an HDMI input, you'll need an adaptor. HDMI to VGA and HDMI to DVI cables let you connect newer laptops, video players and streaming devices to legacy screen equipment. 

If you want to connect an older Mac laptop to an HDMI-capable monitor or TV, you'll need a DisplayPort to HDMI cable or adaptor. You can find adapters to connect a wide range of devices to HDMI cords.

Other Home Audio/Video Products to Consider

When you're shopping Walmart Canada for HDMI cables and other products to create a movie-watching or music enjoyment space, don't forget batteries for remote controls. And if you're installing multiple pieces of equipment, keep things streamlined with a universal remote that can control everything in your media rack.




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