Remote Controls for TV


Find a Remote Control for TVs and Other Electronics

Whether you're looking for a replacement or searching for something to extend your options, a new remote control for TVs can be found at Walmart Canada. A universal TV remote is the key to controlling a wide range of devices with ease, and a modern remote control for TVs can do much more than change the channel.

Universal Remote Controls for Your Devices

Take control of your entire home theatre with one remote, making complex tasks much simpler. If you have several devices connected to your television, like a stereo system, set top box or Blu-ray player, the convenience of turning everything on and adjusting settings without the need for multiple control devices can save time and frustration. Universal TV remote controls can be programmed to work with almost all of the electronics in your entertainment centre, and in many cases they're preconfigured to work right out of the box.

A universal remote control with smart home capabilities is a great companion for a night on the couch, letting you dim the lights or adjust the temperature without taking you away from what you're watching. Good smart TV remotes go beyond controlling what's on your screen, and the more internet-enabled devices in your home, the more useful these features become.

For some setups, an IR blaster can make control even more fluid. These small accessories connect two devices so that one can autonomously feed commands to the other, turning incompatible hardware into a seamless unit. They're also a handy way of sending an infrared signal to a device behind an opaque door.

Easy to Find Replacement Remotes

Everyone has lost the remote at some point, and even if it does turn up between the cushions a backup clicker can be useful. Complex menus and smart applications are sometimes impossible to control when your controller goes missing.

A damaged remote control for TV can be easily replaced with OEM models from top manufacturers like Samsung and LG. In many cases you'll be able to find an identical design, and if you want something different you're not limited to the remote control that came with your TV.

Unique Designs for Intuitive Control

The standard remote control for TVs has been around for a long time, but with an ever-growing variety of advanced electronics filling our homes things have started to change. There's more than one way to command the living room, and intuitive interactions make life easier by removing complexity from common tasks.

Simple remotes with only a few buttons are made to work with modern TV interfaces and streaming devices, presenting an elegant alternative to controllers with keyboards and other seldom-used buttons. If you're not punching in numbers to get to the channel you want, these streamlined designs may feel much more natural.

Remotes featuring voice recognition take things a step further by enabling hands-free control with simple vocal commands. If you're looking for the most straightforward option available to control your TV, it doesn't get much simpler than telling your electronics what to do with your own voice.

Stylish Remote Control for TVs

Style matters in spaces where people come together. The remote control is one of the devices people interact with the most in their living rooms, and it's often on display in the middle of the coffee table. You're not limited to the models that come with your electronics if you would prefer something that works with your home decor.

If comfort is key, there are attractive ergonomic designs to choose from, with remote controls that fit your hand and keep the most-used buttons within reach. Flipper offers a senior-friendly model with large, easy-to-use buttons. Sleek designs are available from most major manufacturers, and they're made to look great anywhere, so no matter what you're looking for, Walmart Canada has options in store and online.




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