Remote Controls for TV


Put Control in Your Hands with a New TV Remote

A TV remote is more than just a handy device. As entertainment systems become increasingly complex, the remote is the tool used to access a wealth of entertainment options. Whether you have the latest Apple TV setup, a simple home entertainment system, a smart TV, an Amazon Fire TV or a full home theatre system complete with surround sound, the remote control for your TV is the first step to access your favourite channels and programs. Walmart Canada has a wide range of remote controls for TVs and entertainment systems that help you fully enjoy your home theatre setup.

Universal Remotes for All Home Theatre Needs

When it comes to a home theatre system, nothing is quite as frustrating as having five different remotes. If you’re struggling because you have one remote for your Blu-ray or DVD player, another for your smart TV and yet another for your sound system, then it’s time for a universal remote control. It's easily programmed to operate all of your equipment from one device. This prevents the hassle and frustration that comes from searching all over your media centre for your remote on movie night, only to find that you grabbed the wrong one. When you're ready to enjoy some home entertainment, all you need is one remote for TV, DVD and sound control.

Replacement Remotes When Your TV Remote Is Truly Lost

How many times have you found yourself searching for a lost TV remote? If yours is like the average family, it’s more times than you want to count. Usually, you manage to locate it in the cushions of the couch or under the entertainment centre. But if the remote is truly lost for good, has you covered. We have a large selection of replacement remotes for entertainment components of all types. Find the one that fits your system, and start enjoying it again. You may even want to grab a spare so the next time the remote is lost, you have a backup.

Remotes for All Makes and Models of TVs

Sometimes, a universal remote isn't the right choice. You might need a dedicated remote that works for your specific type of TV or media-streaming system. Roku systems, as an example, require a custom remote that makes it easy to navigate the built-in features. The same is true for an Apple TV or other media-streaming devices. When you’re shopping for a specific type of remote, only that type will do. Thankfully, you can find an extensive selection of brand-specific remotes at Walmart Canada.

Specialty Remotes to Access Your Favourite Channels

Sometimes you want something unique for your home theatre system. Larger buttons or large print lettering on a remote is helpful when dealing with vision concerns or working in a room with low light. Wireless keyboard technology that doubles as a TV remote is beneficial for complex home theatre systems connected to a home computer. For home theatre systems that use a projector, a replacement projector remote is an important asset. No matter what type of specialty remote you need for your home theatre system, has lots of options, giving you better control over your home theatre systems and improved overall enjoyment of your home entertainment.




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