TV Wall Mounts

Put Screens of All Sizes Where They Look Best With a TV Wall Mount

Flat-screen TVs don't need to take up space on your furniture or have a special stand. A TV wall mount puts even 60-plus inch TVs out of the way and in their ideal viewing location, which varies according to the TV diagonal measurement. There's no reason to keep the TV mount near your home theatre system, cable box or satellite equipment, either. There are plenty of ways to bring high-quality 4K video to the screen unobtrusively. With streaming video services and wireless audio, you may find the only wire you need to run to your wall-mounted TV is for the power.

A TV Wall Mount Makes Screen Positioning Easy

Just as with a computer screen at your desk, ergonomic positioning is an important part of TV installation. A TV stand or furniture used to provide support for a flat screen isn't usually adjustable, so you have to choose between a poor viewing angle or a screen size chosen to fit the available furniture. Typically, a 42-inch flat-panel TV should be about 56 inches from the floor to the centre of the screen, but for 70-inch TVs, the centre height should be around 67 inches. It can be frustrating trying to accomplish this using a fixed-height stand or furniture, but a simple TV mount on the wall puts your TV where it will be comfortable to watch. Tilting wall mount brackets are also available and angle the TV to face downward if needed.

Flexible Wall Mounts for Creative Installations

Full-motion TV brackets provide tilt and swivel capability and allow fluid adjustment of the screen in all directions for whatever viewing angles are needed, providing creative mounting locations while still directing the TV towards the seating. While most home users choose a fixed TV wall mount, mobile TV stands are also available which bring the TV, wall-style mounting bracket and related equipment into conference rooms, kitchens or wherever they are temporarily needed.

Cabling Keeps Your Equipment Out of View

If you like, you can put your home theatre equipment in a closet or a cabinet positioned in another part of the room or even another room. Your HDMI cable connection can be extended by Ethernet Cat5 cable along with any IR remote signals. Put your TV wall mount where you like, and then run the thin cable as needed.

Streaming Content and Wireless Audio Can Keep Wiring Simple

With a Bluetooth soundbar and a smart TV or streaming service stick plugged into your TV's USB port, all you need is power to have a full home theatre system running from it. This makes a perfect choice for personal study or bedroom use. A wall mount for 32-inch TVs fits easily on even compact bedroom walls. For outdoor use, a simple wall-mounted tilt TV installation can be covered with a special protective TV cover when not in use. 

Integrate Wall-Mounted TV and Smart Home Systems

Designing around a TV wall mount is just the start to a convenient, enjoyable space in which to relax and watch shows. Remote systems such as those produced by Logitech can integrate your home entertainment, smart lighting system, automated window coverings and other aspects of your home theatre to add further convenience to your perfectly mounted and tilted smart TV.





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